Tuesday, January 19, 2021

                A YA novel that should be read by all grownups!

It touches on a lot of issues either directly or by implication and dealt with in a very, very good way.  I listend to this via Netgalley and #Winterofthewolf#Netgalley made my day when they granted me this book to listen to.  That I can tell you!




Winter of the Wolf by Martha Hunt Handler and narrated by Kelly Pruner is the first book I had listened to from start to end via Netgalley.  I lost the first book due to the fact that I could not find the time to listen to it in it's entirety.

This book however had me hooked.  The story is very well told.  The narration is pitch perfect.  The narrator made Bean herself come to life right in front of my minds eye.  Her timing in reading as well as her diction added a lot to the outcome of my enjoyment of the book.

The subject matter, which at first seems cut and dry turns on a dime and left me going --Whoaaa.  What.  Do not get me wrong.  As teenagers we used to play this same game at parties and we were all as stupid as dirt about it.  But somehow I figured this would have died out by now.  After I finished the book I did a bit of light research and were shocked to see kids still playing this very dangerous "game".  

The clincher for me regarding to book is the fact that all proceeds goes towards wildlife.  What more can you possibly want.  

The one negative about the book.  The cover.  I would strongly suggest the author invests in getting a better cover.  But even with this cover, I decided to ask for the book and I was so glad to receive it.  

Here is the Goodreads photo from the author.

Martha Hunt Handler grew up dreaming of wolves and has always understood that her role in this lifetime is to tell stories and be a voice for nature. She has been an environmental consultant, a magazine columnist, an actress, and a polar explorer, among other occupations. When she and her four children relocated from Los Angeles to New York more than twenty years ago she began to literally hear the howls of wolves. This marked the beginning of her work advocating on behalf of wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center (nywolf.org). Winter of the Wolf is Martha's debut novel.

You can learn more about her at https://marthahunthandler.com/ or follow her on facebook at Martha Hunt Handler or on Instagram at @marthahunthandler

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