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Audio/Book Review of Dead Man's Reach (The Thieftaker Chronicles #4) by D.B. Jackson

Book Title: Dead Man's Reach (The Thieftaker Chronicles #4)
Genre: Historical Urban Fantasy
Pages: 366
Audio Run Time: 11 hrs and 56 mins
Author: D. B. Jackson
Date Published: 21 July 2015


Boston, 1770: The city is a powder keg as tensions between would-be rebels and loyalist torries approach a breaking point and one man is willing to light the match that sets everything off to ensure that he has his revenge.

The presence of the British Regulars has made thieftaking a hard business to be in and the jobs that are available are reserved for Sephira Pryce. Ethan Kaille has to resort to taking on jobs that he would otherwise pass up, namely protecting the shops of Torries from Patriot mobs. But, when one British loyalist takes things too far and accidentally kills a young boy, even Ethan reconsiders his line of work. Even more troubling is that instances of violence in the city are increasing, and Ethan often finds himself at the center of the trouble.

Once Ethan realizes why he is at the center of all the violence, he finds out that some enemies don't stay buried and will stop at nothing to ruin Ethan's life. Even if that means costing the lives of everyone in Boston, including the people that Ethan loves most.


Dead Man's Reach (Thieftaker Chronicles, #4)Dead Man's Reach by D.B. Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the fourth book in a fantastic historical urban fantasy. I loved it!

Ethan Kaille is an interesting character. He is a Thieftaker, a conjurer who uses his magic to track down thieves and the stolen items. I liked this eighteenth century gent. He has a very sharp mind, and is quite talented as a magical detective. He has a dark past, which gives him an air of mystery.

I downloaded this as an audio book, so I could listen to it while doing housework, or just before going to bed.
The tale was again narrated by Jonathan Davis, who brought the characters and story alive with his narration. I love his smooth tone and could listen to him speak for hours!

In this story, Ethan is faced with a challenging situation. Spells are being cast and people are being hurt. Unfortunately, there is no way for Ethan to find out who is casting these spells. Ethan has his suspicions, but is having difficulty in proving it. As the violence escalates, Ethan will have to use all his wits to find the culprit. When he finds out that an old foe is definitely behind the events, Ethan finds himself having to face more danger in order to confront him.

The story has several twists and turns, which kept me hooked from beginning to end. The descriptions of the characters and scenes brought Boston in 1770 to life; I could picture it quite clearly. The book is set about six months to a year after the previous story. There is still tension between Britain and her colony, and Boston is still struggling to deal with the highly volatile political situation within it's walls. There is plenty of action and danger in the story, but unfortunately in my opinion, some of the scenes seemed to be slightly overly long and tended to drag. There are, however, a few scenes that reduced me to tears. I will not say which ones, as this would spoil it for those of you who would like to read this book. Sephira Pryce, as well as most of the other characters from the previous books appear in this story. However, they did not interact as much with Ethan this time, as he purposely separated himself from them. I can understand why he would do that but, sometimes you need your friends (and even some foes like Sephira) to help. I wanted to shake some sense into him at times!

As I reached the end of the story, I felt that Ethan's character seemed to be more tired and dispirited in this tale. The struggle to survive as a Thieftaker seems to have taken it's toll on Ethan, who makes a decision that could change his life. I reached the end with mixed feelings. Whether this is the last book in the series, time will tell. However, if the author decides to carry on with this series, I would definitely love to read more.

D.B. Jackson has written a fantastic historical urban fantasy. I love his writing style, which is fast paced and action packed. But, the story flow was not as fluid as it could have been. However, I would most definitely read more of this author's books in the future as I am fast becoming a huge fan.

There are a few scenes of cutting (for spell making) that may upset some readers. Therefore, I do not recommend this book for younger readers or those of a nervous disposition. However, I highly recommend this book if you love paranormal, urban fantasy, mystery, thriller or detective genres. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

D.B. Jackson is the pen name of an award-winning author of twenty books — including epic fantasies, urban fantasies, historical fantasies, media tie-ins, and a book on writing — as well as more than a dozen short stories. His work has been translated into a dozen languages. As D.B. Jackson he writes the Thieftaker Chronicles, a historical urban fantasy set in pre-Revolutionary Boston. The first volume, Thieftaker, came out in July 2012 from Tor Books. This was followed by Thieves’ Quarry (Tor, July 2013), A Plunder of Souls (Tor, July 2014), and Dead Man’s Reach (Tor, July 2015). In addition to the novels of the Thieftaker Chronicles, D.B. has written and published several short stories set in the Thieftaker world.

Under the name David B. Coe, he is working on a contemporary urban fantasy series called The Case Files of Justis Fearsson. The first book in the series, Spell Blind, came out in January 2015 from Baen Books, and the second, His Father’s Eyes, was released in August 2015. The third volume, Shadow’s Blade, will be published in May 2016..

D.B. Jackson/David B. Coe was born in New York many, many years ago, and has since lived in New England, California, Australia, and Appalachia. He did his undergraduate work at Brown University, worked for a time as a political consultant, went to Stanford University, where he earned a Master’s and Ph.D. in U.S. History, and finally returned to his first love: writing fiction.

D.B. is married to a college professor who is far smarter than he is, and together they have two beautiful daughters, both of whom are also far smarter than their father. Life’s tough that way. They live in a small college town on the Cumberland Plateau.

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By Angela Yuriko Smith - The Literary Lizard

About the book
A good book opens doors, as one little lizard discovers. He escapes his cage after learning to read, and goes on the hunt for new words. Next time you're at the library, keep an eye out amongst the shelves for a lizard reading about dragons. Everyone loves a good book, even little, green lizards.
Click on the pic to get your copy.
My review
Ok so I have done a few of these and the rule of thumb is children is very easily impressed with a pic on every page.  I remember I had several books on fairy tales when I was a wee one but the book that got read until it fell apart was not the one with the best stories, or best told stories, it was the one with the most eye catching pics.
So this book has some amazing illustrations in it.  Simple, eye catching etc.  Everything it should be but it is the story that stole my heart.  Awh.  What a sweet little library card carrying lizard and what a great inspiration to us all.
Loved this.
WaAr rrg

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Audio/Book Review of The Sun Dwellers (The Dwellers Saga Book 3) by David Estes

Book Title: The Sun Dwellers (The Dwellers Saga Book 3)
Genre: YA Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 370
Audio Run Time: 9 Hrs 17 Mins
Author: David Estes
Date Published: 27 November 2012 (E-Book)
30 June 2015 (Audio Book)


With those she's closest to dying around her, Adele embarks on a secret mission to the Sun Realm to assassinate the President. Along the way she'll uncover secrets about her relationship with Tristan that she might not be ready to face.

Tristan has a secret, too, one that's been eating him up inside ever since he met Adele. Will he reveal all, and risk the loss of friendship and love at a time when he needs it the most?

At the same time, Adele's mother, General Rose, must lead her soldiers into battle to face the sun dweller army in the hopes of holding them off until Adele can complete her mission. Can she outlast the strength of President Nailin's elite fighting force?

There's only one truth in their world: someone must die.


The Sun Dwellers (The Dwellers, #3)The Sun Dwellers by David Estes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third book in a fantastic YA Dystopian series. I loved it!

Adele is a wonderful character. I liked her feisty, sarcastic attitude from the beginning but, like any teen, she can be a little prickly and defensive. I love how she has grown in character throughout the series. She is a teenage girl living in the Moon Realm, one of the Tri-Realms created when the earth was faced with a mass extinction event when a meteor was found to be hurtling to Earth. Sent on a mission by her mother to the Sun Realm, she finds herself facing even more danger. As secrets are revealed, can she survive the oncoming battle, or will President Nailin succeed?

Tristan is also a wonderful character and the heir apparent to the Presidency of the Tri-Realms. I liked his sense of honour and decency. He has a more compassionate attitude than his tyrannical father. Facing his father is not going to be easy, but he is determined to confront him on his own terms. Wanting to reveal a secret he's been hiding for years, will he lose everything he holds dear?

Having previously downloaded the other two books in audio format, I decided to download this too. This audiobook is again narrated by the two readers, Julia Whelan and Will Damron. They both did another fantastic job bringing the story and characters to life. Sometimes, having two narrators can be an off-putting experience for some readers, but I have no problem with it. They have pleasant and clear voices to listen to and I would definitely listen to more books read by them both, whether together or alone.

I started to listen to the story and was quickly hooked; it continues from the end of book two. This book is again told from both Adele's and Tristan's points of view in alternating chapters. This gives the reader an insight into the protagonists thoughts and feelings, as well as scenes that play out without the other character being in the picture.

Tawni has a more prominent role in this book. I really like her. She's very resourceful and just as feisty as Adele. Roc is still one of my favourite character's with his charm and easy-going personality. Trevor is also a fantastic character. I originally thought that he was placed into book two to make a romance triangle between Adele and Tristan. However, I was pleased to find out that this was not the case. He is like a brother to Adele, though I think he would have liked to have been more.

There are several twists and turns that kept me riveted. I found myself on a huge emotional roller coaster ride from beginning to end; laughing and crying in equal measure. I love the shopping scene, as well as the body surfing one. There is a huge fight scene that packs such a huge emotional punch that I had to stop listening to it to dry my eyes (a total ugly cry, if you get my meaning). Once I composed myself, I continued listening to it. As the story rolled on to it's conclusion, I felt sad because I didn't want it to end. As it ends on another cliffhanger, I guess I shall have to read The Earth Dwellers, since it's not out in audio book yet. However, I will need to continue with reading the Country Saga first, as The Earth Dwellers ties up both sagas.

David Estes has written a fantastic dystopian novel that has turned me into a huge fan of his. I love his writing style, which is fast paced and the flow is extremely fluid. His characters come alive, and the descriptions of the environs left me breathless. I am looking forward to reading more of his books in the foreseeable future.

I highly recommend this book if you love books like The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Maze Runner, or YA, Dystopian or Post Apocalyptic genres. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

David Estes was born in El Paso, Texas but moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when he was very young. He grew up in Pittsburgh and then went to Penn State for college. Eventually he moved to Sydney, Australia where he met his wife and soul mate, Adele, who he's now been happily married to for three years.

A reader all his life, David began writing novels for the children's and YA markets in 2010, and has completed more than 20 novels, all of which have been published. In June of 2012, David became a fulltime writer and is now living in Hawaii.

David gleans inspiration from all sorts of crazy places, like watching random people do entertaining things, dreams (which he jots copious notes about immediately after waking up), and even from thin air sometimes! Recently he's been inspired by some of his favorite authors, like Dean Koontz, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, and Neal Shusterman.

David's a writer with OCD, a love of dancing and singing (but only when no one is looking or listening), a mad-skilled ping-pong player, an obsessive Goodreads group member, and prefers writing at the swimming pool to writing at a table. He loves responding to e-mails, Facebook messages, Tweets, blog comments, and Goodreads comments from his readers, all of whom he considers to be his friends.

Where you can find David Estes hanging out:

The Dwellers Saga:
Book One- The Moon Dwellers
Book Two- The Star Dwellers
Book Three- The Sun Dwellers
Book Four- The Earth Dwellers

The Country Saga (A Dwellers Saga sister series):
Book One- Fire Country
Book Two- Ice Country
Book Three- Water & Storm Country
Book Four- The Earth Dwellers

Salem's Revenge:
Book One- Brew
Book Two- Boil
Book Three- Burn

Slip Trilogy:
Book One- Slip
Book Two- Grip
Book Three- Flip

I Am Touch

The Evolution Trilogy:
Book One- Angel Evolution
Book Two- Demon Evolution
Book Three- Archangel Evolution

Children's Books by David Estes:

The Adventures of Nikki Powergloves:
Nikki Powergloves- A Hero is Born
Nikki Powergloves and the Power Council
Nikki Powergloves and the Power Trappers
Nikki Powergloves and the Great Adventure
Nikki Powergloves vs. the Power Outlaws
Nikki Powergloves and the Power Giver

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WaAr rrg FA of February, Angela Yuriko Smith brings us Karmic Circle

Karmic Circle by Angela Yuriko Smith

Book blurb

You can‘t hide from karma. Each of us receive our just rewards in time and evil is repaid tenfold. Three separate, but interlinked stories explore the law of reaping and sowing as a small dog finds his way through a dark and dangerous city. Be wary of your deeds—there‘s no cheating the Karmic Circle.

Click on the pic to get your copy from Amazon

My review

I cannot believe I am saying this but I am.  This is the first story ever where I am glad to say the characters were not all that developed.  Here is why I am saying this.  This story is dark.  Really dark. And the poor dog is the one that suffers the most with loss, and confusion but the humans, all but one is really bad people.  Ok no make that two.  I actually almost really cried when the mean man was so obviously rude and in the end cruel to the old hobo.  Being homeless in and off itself simply says you do not own a home.  It does not make you a lesser human.  It does not make you incompetent to care.  It makes you the same as every person who is still paying a bond.  Paying rent.  Home-less.  And when that awful man showed up I was furious.

And that people.  That rambling above is but a taste of what you can expect when you read this story yourself.  It puts you through the ringer.  Then puts on the spin cycle and you end up being relieved that the story is over but wondering at random acts of selfishness and it's true import since everybody is always talking about Karma and an act of kindness.  This book explores the dark side of Karma, true.  But in every single instance one choice, one simply yes in stead of no or no instead of yes could have lead not to existing but to an act of kindness instead of horror and deprivation.  I cannot say I liked this book.  I can say I admire the authors voice and her ability to get the reader to see how the coin flips in air during a coin flip.  That is a remarkable skill. 

About the author

in Madisonville, Kentucky, The United States
November 21, 1968




Member Since
May 2011


Angela Yuriko Smith publishes a monthly online newspaper by day (PanhandleFocus.com), blogs at Dandilyon Fluff (dandifluff.com) by night and writes fiction as often as possible in between.

Her published works include fiction and nonfiction across multiple genres and she has been included in various anthologies and online publications.

In the past she has served as a host for JournalJabber online radio talk show and has been interviewed on National Public Radio for her nonfiction work.

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Book Review of Gabby, The Protector: Finding Forever (Gabby, Angel of God: Angel Adventures Book 2) by Greg Sandora

Book Title: Gabby, The Protector: Finding Forever (Gabby, Angel of God: Angel Adventures Book 2)
Genre: Christian Fiction
Pages: 345
Author: Greg Sandora
Date Published: 9 September 2015

Ancients foretell Political Power rising from unimaginable darkness. In The Protector, Gabby is given an earth assignment that puts her angelic powers to the test. Take the journey into Heaven in this epic battle between good and evil. A Presidential candidate is destined to rise to power and destroy mankind. Will his dark secret keep him from the highest office in the land? Can Bo and Gabby defeat the most powerful evil in the Universe before it's too late?


Gabby, The ProtectorGabby, The Protector by Greg Sandora
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Angel Adventures series. I liked it.

Bo Garrett is a wonderful character. He is a man who has had his faith tested and won. With a new career as a baseball player for the Boston Red Sox, Bo finds himself helping the angel, Gabby with one of her assignments. Evil is lurking and they have one chance to stop it from invading the political arena.

This is not a book I would typically pick up, nor is it one of the first genre's on my list. However, as I have previously read the first book in the series, I decided to read it once I heard it was available.

I started reading this book and was glad to meet Bo and Gabby again. Although I found myself turning the pages, I just couldn't find it in me to love the story. It's the basic good versus evil story.
I am not the most religious person out there, but I am not a non believer either. Some of the thoughts shared by Gabby are quite deep and meaningful. This book is not only religious, but deeply political and touches on matters that resonate with the common man, things like housing, urban renewal and social care; I know these are important issues. But, I don't know if I was in the proper mood to read this story, as I struggled to care about the characters. Kolbe Zane is basically a psychopath in my opinion, and is determined to become the next President of the United States. Johanna Kearns is the former Secretary of State and is Kolbe's cousin, though they were brought up as brother and sister. Their greed and immorality make them the perfect target for evil. As the story unfolded, I felt they received their just desserts, though I felt pity for Johanna in the end. However, I reached the end of the book with mixed emotions. Though I liked the story, I am not sure whether or not to continue with this series.

Greg Sandora has written a most unusual Christian Fantasy. His writing style is relatively fast paced and his characters are interesting.

Due to some violence, I do not recommend this book to younger readers. However, I recommend this book if you love Christian Fiction. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

Greg is originally from Maine. He lived and worked in Portland for years before moving to Southwest Florida. His first book, All In: The Race for the Presidency, is a Presidential Thriller, or some might say White House Thriller. Think the Crime and Passion of the Godfather meets the Romance and Innocence of Camelot. The story is packed with action and adventure. One reviewer writes: "Jack Canon's American Destiny is very intense. Early in the Book I knew I had to put my seat belt on, I was sure this was going to be one hell of a ride, and boy it was. One thing I especially appreciated in this author's Book is just how he was able to bring the story across with so many twists and turns that all came together masterfully."

The sequel to All In is titled: Love, Lust and Loyalty, Women of the White House. It's a story of Kindness, Passion and Courage. It has all of the components of the first book, but leans toward a Presidential Romance Thriller. The sequel is just as action packed, but with more spice, some reviewers say it's sensual. To quote one reviewer - "Unsurpassable, this story is darn good, a real work of art. Women of the House by Greg Sandora has been written with a vibrating "passion" if that terminology didn't exist before - it does now....I found that Jack was the kind of guy I liked immediately while Sandy was just perfect - I chose to review it because of the mystery behind it."

Greg's Angel Adventure Series includes Gabby, Angel of God and The Protector, Kingdom of Heaven. Both are Supernatural Romance Thrillers involving an angel, Gabby, and a man named Bo. During a visit to Bar Harbor, Maine Bo encounters a beautiful angel named Gabby; quite accidentally, he is told - she wasn't supposed to make him aware of her existence. His purity of spirit, kindness and capacity for love has revealed her to him. He falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful creature, as humans cannot resist angels. Both books fit nicely in the Supernatural, Romantic Thriller, and Paranormal and Time Travel genres. All Greg's books have adventures and thrills, are fast paced and have hilarious moments.

Greg's mom and dad were artists, his father painted and his mother wrote poetry and loved to garden. Most Saturdays the family loaded up the 1970 Chevy Impala to trek to a one man show somewhere or other. Greg took a different track graduating with a business degree; owning and operating an Award Winning Franchise Fitness Center in the Portland area for 15 years. Currently, Greg is living in Florida with my beautiful wife and children, following his passion, writing.

Author Links:

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The Bone Church by Victoria Dougherty

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Book blurb

In the surreal and paranoid underworld of wartime Prague, fugitive lovers Felix Andel and Magdalena Ruza make some dubious alliances – with a mysterious Roman Catholic cardinal, a reckless sculptor intent on making a big political statement, and a gypsy with a risky sex life. As one by one their chances for fleeing the country collapse, the two join a plot to assassinate Hitler’s nefarious Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Josef Goebbels.

But the assassination attempt goes wildly wrong, propelling the lovers in separate directions. Felix’s destiny is sealed at the Bone Church, a mystical pilgrimage site on the outskirts of Prague, while Magdalena is thrust even deeper into the bowels of a city that betrayed her and a homeland soon to be swallowed by the Soviets. As they emerge from the shadowy fog of World War II, and stagger into the foul haze of the Cold War, Felix and Magdalena must confront the past, and a dangerous, uncertain future.

About the Author

in Chicago, The United States



Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Daniel Silva, Alan Furst, etc   

Victoria Dougherty has for nearly twenty years distinguished herself as a master storyteller, writing fiction, drama, speeches, essays, and television news segments/video scripts.

In Prague, Ms. Dougherty co-founded the acclaimed Black Box Theater, translating, producing and acting to sold-out audiences in several Czech plays – from Vaclav Havel’s riveting “Protest” to the unintentionally hilarious communist propaganda play “Karhan’s Men.” Black Box Theater was profiled in feature articles in USA Today, International Herald Tribune, and numerous European publications.

Currently, Ms. Dougherty lives with her family in Charlottesville, VA, and has recently completed a series of thematically linked Cold War spy thrillers. She is represented by Josh Getzler of Hannigan Salky & Getzler

My review

I am between a rock and a hard place here.  Part of me want's to give this book a 5* rating.  It is absolutely worth the read. But it is dark.  Taxing and it will not be for everyone.  For one thing.  The book deals with mainly two characters living and dying in Prague under Nazi rule.  So for one thing, this is not an easy subject matter.

For another, the author did a brilliant job in giving this book that Eastern European flavour.  I loved this but I think some might find this too far out of their comfort zone.  Lets hope I am wrong.
Nobody will ever describe this book as a fast, easy read.  There is no full in this.  It is a good book but not a fluffy feel good one sitting read.

Which means.  If you like historical fiction.  Likes to be challenged and likes to move out of your comfort zone, chances are you will love this book.  If not, I would advise you handle with care.
Why my rating? Rather simple really.  I could not read this book in one go.  The dark setting, plot, undertone everything got me to need to put it aside at times.  My 5* ratings is reserved for those books I cannot bare to put aside.  And in this is my conundrum.  I know I could not get the story out of my head but I also could not stick with it for more than an hour at a time.  So honestly the book should get 4.5 stars but Ill stick to my 4 stars. 


Book Review of Tiny Glitches by Rebecca Chastain

Book Title: Tiny Glitches
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Pages: 373
Author: Rebecca Chastain
Date Published: 12 January 2016


Life isn’t exactly normal for Eva Parker: the stronger Eva’s emotions, the faster nearby electrical devices die. Eva can’t have a cell phone, use a computer, or be in a car for more than a few minutes without killing it. Dealing with her electricity-killing curse makes living in modern-day Los Angeles complicated enough for Eva—and that was before she was blackmailed into hiding a stolen baby elephant and partnered with Hudson, a sexy electrical engineer Eva just met.

Dodging repeated attempts on her life made by ruthless corporations hunting the elephant is easier for Eva than quelling her growing affection for Hudson, and while protecting an elephant is hard, controlling her curse is a lot harder. However, Eva must do both, because if she lets her emotions free and falls in love with Hudson, neither of them will survive.

Enchanting and quirky, TINY GLITCHES fuses electrifying romance and high-voltage suspense in a rollicking adventure.


Tiny GlitchesTiny Glitches by Rebecca Chastain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a wonderful and quirky romance. I loved it!

Eva Parker is an unusual character. I liked her a lot, but wanted to shake her at times. She is a Feng Shui consultant with an unusual gift. Unfortunately, she has a problem with electricity - she absorbs it. This powers her ability to see the emotions of people as pictures/hallucinations. This makes it awkward when getting from one place to another, or staying in one place too long, which leads to batteries dying and power cuts. When she gets embroiled in a situation involving a stolen elephant, she needs to keep her wits about her. However, Hudson Keyes muddies the waters even more and she finds herself falling for him.

This is a wonderfully quirky romance, full of action, adventure, danger and weird and wonderful characters. It is told through the eyes of Eva. I started to read and was quickly swept away. I fell in love with the descriptive writing. I could picture each and every scene with clarity. The characters are lifelike and likable. I giggled at a lot of the descriptions of the emotional visions that Eva sees, though some are a little disturbing too. I loved the two characters, Atlas and Edmond. These two bumbling cousins had me chuckling at their antics. Also, the mention of baking and cakes kept making me feel hungry. I don't know how good Edmond's cakes really were, but my mouth was watering every time there was mention of it and the coffee cake too, which is Eva's favourite dessert. Therefore, either eat something before you start this book or you'll be salivating at it too.

The story took me on a roller coaster ride from beginning to end. I did feel, however, that the plot had a few holes in it, which left a few loose ends. I still felt that Hudson's past was not explored enough. There were hints, but the reader has to make their own interpretation of what the images Eva sees around him mean. He never actually confirms or denies things, as Eva never comes out and asks him about his life. Therefore, he remains a bit of an enigma. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these characters.

Rebecca Chastain has written a wonderful comedic romance. I love her fast paced writing style. However, the flow seemed a little choppy at times. I have not read any other books written by this author, but I would definitely read more of her books in the future.

Due to some scenes of an explicit nature (though not as explicit as some I've read), I do not recommend this book to younger readers. However, I highly recommend this book if you love quirky contemporary romances, or paranormal romances. - Lynn Worton

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Author bio:

Rebecca Chastain is the international bestselling fantasy author of A FISTFUL OF EVIL, A FISTFUL OF FIRE, and MAGIC OF THE GARGOYLES. She has found seven four-leaf clovers to date, won a purebred Arabian horse in a drawing, and once tamed a blackbird for a day. Dreaming up the absurd and writing stories designed to amuse and entertain has been her passion since she was eleven years old. She lives in northern California with her wonderful husband and two bossy cats. TINY GLITCHES is her latest novel.

Here are a few places you can find me on the Internet: