Monday, September 09, 2013

Daniel Coleman = Hero and author. Meet him and see if you could be a lucky winner of a signed copy of his third book!

Welcome and say Hi to Daniel Coleman.  

Our author and hero of the day.

So let me tell you why this man is a hero.  He saves lives by fighting fires.  Then he writes books to entertain us.  That, people is about as good as it gets.  

So what does he write?
Hang on.  Here is link one.....

Print only on Amazon as far as I can see
I present Hatter

He has more though.......
Jabberwocky is also available on Amazon

And the purchase link for a print copy is....                                                        Amazon rocks.

So  Lets see.  He has one more...this is also the book you might walk away with as the winner of our American or International signed book prize.......

Yes Gifts and Consequences needs a new home or two...If you are not a winner you can find this book here....

Or enter the raffle and win a signed copy.  Easy peasy.  

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  1. Dear Daniel.
    Thank you for this exclusive giveaway. More than that though, thank you for risking your life daily to save others. You are my hero.

  2. Thanks a lot for writing the books, looking forward to getting to know them and you better.

  3. thank you Daniel, for being an awesome hero and writer!

  4. Daniel, brave people like you make this world a better place! I look forward to reading your books. Thank you for this generous giveaway!! :) (Angie Edwards)

  5. It boosts the spirit to know that there are people who do so many great things to improve the world for those around them. Thank you, Daniel, for not only risking your life for others, but for also using your writing to encourage imagination and love of reading as well. You are most generous for supporting this contest, it is the least we can do to support you! Best wishes.

  6. Yes amazing people those firefighters..Thank you for being one of them!! But even more amazing are people who write about the Mad Hatter!! Ok I am totally over the moon in love with the Mad Hatter and can not wait until your Hatter book is republished so I can R&R it!! I hope with Wanda's permission you will let us all know over at WaArs when it comes out!! <3

  7. Wow! Thank you all for the kind comments on firefighting and writing! You're the best

    Thank you, Wanda for hosting me!