Sunday, September 22, 2013

Switched by Amanda Hocking


Amanda Hocking has done it again.  I loved this book.  I had problems in identifying with Wendy.  Her mood swings and temper in our world is not to be seen in the Trylle kingdom.  She loves Matt and her aunt to bits and when surrounding by Trylle she spends very little if any time thinking about them.  That said.  She is a typical teenager and I loved her new world.

The one thing I loved most was the parental emotional removal so prevalent in Wendy's life.  Her host mother as well as her own was written as …. well let's stick to emotionally distant.  The author did this so well that even though I had trouble finding something to like about Wendy my sympathy for her won out at the end.

I will definitely read book 2.


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