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Cindy J Smith

Author Cindy J Smith

Author Bio:

Cindy Smith was born in southern NY State and raised in a small town in Upstate NY.  Cindy has lived in many different states from Maine to Florida, in this wonderful country. She now resides in Indiana, with her husband.  She has worked a variety of jobs during her life- waitress, department store associate, certified electronic technician. She is currently employed as an over the road trucker.  When she is not working or composing poems, Cindy likes to read, listen to music and do arts and crafts. Through all her experiences, she had voices in her head dictating poems. The voices would not relent until Cindy wrote the poems down. She invites you to eavesdrop. Cindy self-published her first book of poetry, Voices in my Head in November 2011. Her second, They Won't Shut Up was released by CH&BB Publishing July 13.

They Wont Shut Up


"They Won't Shut Up" is Cindy J. Smith's second book of poetry in which she explains life as she sees it. Her poems deal with emotions and conflicts that are universal to the human condition - pain, love, suffering, joy and loss. Cindy J. Smith writes of dreams and magic, she writes of the moments we live that are woven subtly into the fabric of our lives and nature's beauty.

Several special poems have been added to the end of "They Won't Shut Up", written by Jasmine McMurtrey Reindl, Smith's late daughter.


Voices in my Head
Talk all of the time
To music I feel
They add rhythm and rhyme

Emotions take flight
Grief, despair and love
Heart seeks to find hope
On wings of a dove

Their view of this world
Both nature and man
New angle embellished
To help understand

Walk for a minute
In other guys shoes
See why they might feel
So lost and confused

Dreams, flights of fancy,
Sarcasm and light pun
Work through frustrations
To friendship and fun

Open myself wide
Feel pure empathy
See how this world could
With love, truly be

Listen with your soul
To songs that I share
May see way to change
This world if you dare

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Twitter:  @cindysvoices

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My review of They Wont Shut Up

My review

Lacking some of the raw emotion of the first book of poetry this is no less an open book to a person soul.

I have countless poems I can recite that I figure is a must read but those that really got me thinking is in no particular order.

Cereal Killer - it is a funny poem. I liked that.
Evil and Twin
Westobor Baptist Church - disturbing poem.
The Dragon Lady. We all know this gal.
Bouquet - loved the poets use of words colors etc in this one.
Dragon Lord


My review of The Voices In My Head

Ok, so what I know about poetry is that personally I hate a Grecian Urn!
Thus, my knowledge is far less than limitless!

The thing is, I don't need to take these poems or to share the same exact life experiences to be able to get it!
Life, loss, tragedy and HOPE is central to this collection and I could and do relate to that!

What grabbed me most was the non-holes barred brute honesty of these poems which shocked me and made me relate all in one go!

Not all the poems are heavy or tragic and I could relate to the 9 Farmville farms .... Ok the idea of 9 farms since I started out playing these silly games as well! The authors view of the life beyond her window of nature and friends is one of simplicity borne from honesty!

But it is her honesty in tragedy and loss that most grabbed abd vied for my attention! Will you like it?
I don't know the answer to that! I know it touched me and made me say, but for the Grace..
So pick up a copy for yourself and meet sorrow and fun and see if you like it!


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Tattle Tale: Giveaway!!!! Jen Wylie and her book Broken Aro

Tattle Tale: Giveaway!!!! Jen Wylie and her book Broken Aro: Welcome to our newest giveaway! May I present --- Bio: Jen Wylie resides in rural Ontario, Canada with her  two boys, Australian sheph...

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Book Review of Feathermore (Feathermore #1) (Feathermore Trilogy) by Lucy Swing


When the one thing you live for is denied to you, do you let it go or do you fall?

Jade, like any other student at Brushwood High, awaits the start of the school year with a certain measure of dread. Worse, she is being threatened by a voice that only she can hear—a voice that lurks at the edges of her awareness, haunting her and warning her of something unknown. She has always been able to count on her two best friends, Claire and Nate, but can she confide in them now? About this? Would they even believe her?

Life takes a turn for the better when she meets Avan, a darkly handsome new student who, somehow, seems to drown out the voice and make her feel at ease.

But Jade soon comes to realize that good things don’t last forever. When everything spirals out of control, she is shattered by something she never saw coming. Dazed and despairing, she must now overcome tragedy and embrace her true existence and a new but dangerous love. Will she be able to save herself and those she loves, before it’s too late? Or will she let the surrounding darkness consume her?


Feathermore (Feathermore, #1)Feathermore by Lucy Swing
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is the first book in a fantastic YA Paranormal Romance. I loved it!

Jade is a wonderful character. I liked her very much. She is a normal teenager, or is she? Her past is a mystery, but when a new student catches her eye, and she begins to fall in love, events are set in motion that throws Jade into a cat and mouse game with a deadly foe.

I started reading this book and was hooked from the first page! I loved meeting Jade's best friends, Claire and Nate. They are a fantastic couple, but they have their own secrets. Avan is a hottie! I felt jealous of Jade. He is kind, generous and loving.
However, the further I read into the story, I found some of the scenes similar to other stories I had previously read. I'm not saying that there was any impropriety by the author, just that the story followed a pattern that other authors had employed, and there were no major twists and turns to keep me as interested as I should have been. That being said, I really did enjoy the story, and am looking forward to reading the continuing two books in the trilogy.

Lucy Swing has written an intriguing start to a trilogy. Her writing style is fast paced and it flowed beautifully. Her characters came alive on the page, and I'm looking forward to seeing how she grows as an author.

I recommend this book if you love YA Paranormal Romance. - Lynn Worton

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Giveaway!!!! Jen Wylie and her book Broken Aro

Welcome to our newest giveaway!
May I present ---


Jen Wylie resides in rural Ontario, Canada with her  two boys, Australian shepherd and a disagreeable amount of wildlife. In a cosmic twist of fate she dislikes the snow and cold.

Before settling down to raise a family, she attained a BA from Queens University and worked in retail and sales.
Thanks to her mother she acquired a love of books at an early age and began writing in public school. She constantly has stories floating around in her head, and finds it amazing most people don’t. Jennifer writes various forms of fantasy, both novels and short stories.

My website:
Twitter: @jen_wylie

Details pertaining to Broken Aro

Broken Aro
Book One of The Broken Ones
By Jen Wylie
Published September 2012 by Untold Press (

Genre: YA/NA epic/adventure fantasy (mild romance)
WC:  70 640
Pages 264
ISBN-10: 0615703364
ISBN-13: 978-0615703367

Open your eyes to darkness. What do you see? Does the darkness frighten you? Now imagine the darkness being the cargo hold of a slave ship. Your city has fallen. Your family is most likely dead. You don’t know anyone around you, and some of them aren’t even human. Giving up would be so easy to do, but not for Arowyn Mason. Not after being raised in a military family with seven brothers. Every great story should begin with a plan. Aro’s was to escape and to survive.
Escape comes, but at a price. As they reach the shore, Aro and the other survivors learn that freedom doesn’t mean safety. The slavers want their property back and will do anything to get it. The party uses every ounce of their brute strength, a hearty helping of cunning, and even ancient magics to keep themselves alive. Sickness, danger, and even love surprise them at every turn. Dealing with danger becomes their way of life, but none of them ever considered that nothing can be quite as dangerous as a prophecy. Running turns into another race altogether as her world falls to pieces again and again.

Available at:


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Print 12.99 Available at:

“Reminiscent of the epic Lord of the Ring trilogy, Broken Aro is the first installment of a lively new series destined to enslave a new legion of fans for its author, Jen Wylie. Filled with dragons and fey, mortals and slavers, adventure and mythology, Broken Aro is grand adventure in an epic style, a complete stand alone novel that also leaves one eager for more!”
~ Rusty Fischer, author of Zombies Don’t Cry

“A page-turning tale of impossible love, unusual allies, betrayals, and
high adventure. I couldn’t put it down.”
~J.A. Campbell, author of Doc, Vampire-Hunting Dog



Her eyes opened to darkness.
She wasn't surprised. When bad things happened and you finally opened your eyes it was always dark wasn't it? Because otherwise when you woke up you wouldn't be scared, not right away, not until you remembered. Yet in darkness nothing else could be seen but the memories of what had happened, it didn't matter if you opened your eyes or kept them squeezed closed.
What happened…
She closed her eyes again, not against the memories, but the sudden tears and choking sobs. Still, she tried to notremember, but her head hurt. All of her hurt, but her head hurt the worst. She'd been hit by something, very hard. She had no trouble remembering the pain. She remembered falling to the ground, her brothers screaming her name over the insane loudness of the fighting and everything fading to nothing as darkness claimed her.
She sucked in a deep breath. The fighting. Yes, the city had been attacked. The walls had been breached. There had been fighting in the streets. She had been fighting. Her brothers had been trying to get her out. They had been so close. Had they?
She shifted and froze, terror creeping up her throat and choking her at the same time until nothing but a strangled gurgle came out.
They had not.
She knew because she felt the cold metal shackles around each wrist, felt the weight of the chain between them. The same fetters bound her ankles. Dirty straw prickled her cheek and the other smells of her surroundings overcame her. They overwhelmed her and made her gag. The rank scents of piss, shit and vomit almost covered the stale reek of sweat and the tang of salt.
She'd thought her head had just been spinning, but no, everything moved, lurching and swaying. She was at sea.
At sea in chains meant only one thing. The rumors had been true. The Gelanians had allied with the Franuan Slavers. Beneath the combined attack, Kingsport had fallen and the Frans had taken their cut, citizens to sell as slaves. She was a slave.
Well that sucks.
The idea terrified her, and left her cold and shaking. Squeezing her eyes closed, she fought to push away the horrifying images suddenly assaulting her. Breathing slowly helped a little. The shaking stopped and finally she could breathe again.
She opened her eyes, straining them against the darkness. Had night fallen? Could that be why it was so dark?Her eyes slowly adjusted until she could make out vague shapes; the bars of the cell in the ships hold and darker shapes of people sitting before her in the small cell.
She concentrated, squinting her eyes and counting. Six others shared the cell. Her brothers? "Paul?" The creak of the ship and the murmurs, curses, and sobs of the other captives in the hold almost drowned out her small voice.
"Boy's awake," one of the shapes said. Definitely not one of her brothers.
She stiffened. They'd called her boy. Even after all she'd been through, it was quite a blow to her self-esteem. She frowned in confusion for a moment, until she remembered. Her brothers had dressed her in their old clothes, old bits of armor that sort of fit. They'd even hacked off her long hair…
She cursed them under her breath again for that. Then she almost smiled, remembering Sammy's face when he'd done it. Her brothers were such morons. They always had been. Yet they'd been stuck with raising her, and what did they know of girls? Her mother had died when she was four, and losing her hadn't been easy on any of them.
Father had been a regiment Commander and away a lot. They'd all managed to take care of her somehow, the younger of her brothers watching over her until eventually they'd all joined the army. But she'd been twelve by the time the youngest of them had enlisted. She'd been able to take care of the house while they served their time on the border. They didn't worry about her much. The army wives had helped, keeping an eye on her for them.
However, father had died two years ago at Demet's Pass. It had been hard, losing him. Harder than when mother had died because she hadn't been old enough then to know what it meant. Not seeing him at the head of their big old table, with his gentle smile, had been tough on all of them. It still was. It had been harder this past spring when her brothers had all ridden out again. Because death had become something real, she knew they might not come back.
She was fifteen now. Not really a child anymore. So she had faked a smile and waved goodbye to them all when really fear had made her want to scream instead. They had all come home, but with an enemy army at their heels. They'd been afraid then, afraid for her. They knew things she didn't, things like what would happen to a young girl if the city fell. However, she wasn't a woman yet, not in appearance at any rate. Tall and gangly with no figure whatsoever. No wonder she could pass for a boy.
The man who had spoken before broke her thoughts. She must have been hit in the head hard for her mind to wander back into the past. She managed to croak an incoherent sound indicating she'd heard him.
"You alive over there?"
"Yes," she lied and waited. No one else spoke. No one came rushing to her side. Panic quickened her breath as fear sped her heart. Her brothers weren't here. If they had been they'd have harassed everyone to find out where she was. At least… they weren't on this boat. Unfortunately, the slavers had a whole fleet. They must be on another boat. She had to believe that. She closed her eyes tightly again. Yes, they'd been placed on another boat.
Because if they weren't then they were all dead.

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Book Review of See Through by Catherine Kirby


With a shock Fleur discovers she's become invisible: she's not the only one either!
Meanwhile her family is falling apart. She can't do anything about it. Communication is impossible: they can neither see nor hear her.
Fleur's life is out of control and she's furious.


See ThroughSee Through by Catherine Kirby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second book I have read from this author. It is a completely different reading experience compared to Sari Cast; a totally different genre, but strangely enjoyable.

Fleur Grove (nee Purple) is a troubled character. Suffering a psychotic break, she finds herself having an out of body experience. I found this character to be a woman suffering with self esteem issues, and a narrow minded focus on one thing - having a baby. I'm not sure I liked her at first.

I must admit that I struggled to sympathize with this character, but as I read the story I began to like her more. This is a morality tale of sorts. There is more truth in the old saying, "No-one hears good things about themselves when they eavesdrop." Being invisible can shine the light on faults and flaws that you never realised you had. Fleur goes through a personal journey of discovery. I really liked meeting a few of the other "invisible's". Black is a bit of a ladies man, Grey is a grey haired granny and Silver seems to be quite important and in charge of the "colours".
This story is told from two points of view, that of Fleur's and her husband's, Sean. Watching these two characters struggle to deal with their own problems, and grow from the experience, was inspirational. However, I had one favourite character, Dylan. He is a cheeky seven year old. I fell in love with his cuteness!

Catherine Kirby has written an intriguing tale. Unfortunately, although beautifully written, I found that some of the scenes seemed to drag. I did enjoy the story though, and will consider reading another book written by this author.

I recommend this book if you love chick lit, contemporary fiction or fantasy genres. - Lynn Worton

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Let me introduce you to a Blogger, reviewer and a general rock star. Well, I am going to introduce you to her blog.

So see above.  This is the blog of Autumn Nauling.

She is an avid reader.
She is a brilliant blogger.
She is also an amazing person.  So if you are an author.  Head on over.  Follow her blog and see if you can interest her into reading and reviewing for you.
If you are a reader.  Ask her if you can help her by reviewing on her blog.  Follow her blog and buy a book or 20 that catches your fancy.

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And the countdown to Christmas begin.....

What in the world is Santa going to do when his sleigh breaks down?
The presents are packed up, Santa is ready . . . but where is his magical sleigh? For the first time in history, Santa's sleigh is broken. Santa is grounded on the most important night of the year. How will children around the world get their presents?
Baby Santa, the youngest member of the Claus family, comes to the rescue. With his boundless energy, bright smile, and bouncy enthusiasm, Santa's son hatches a plan to save Christmas and have a traveling adventure at the same time.
Baby Santa takes his father on a great Christmas race around the world. Leaping into jeeps, cavorting on camels, and balancing in balloons, Baby Santa and his dad rely on local transportation to help them deliver presents to each and every locale.
With ingenuity and insight, Baby Santa saves Christmas and shows what sons and fathers can accomplish when they work together. This inspiring story will liven up the holidays as children (and their parents) experience the wonders of traveling the globe with the youngest adventurer from the North Pole.

My Review

I loved this story.  Phil Wilson did an amazing job with the illustration and M Maitland DeLand wrote a story of hope and the belief in the magic of Christmas that I think is perfect for the age group this book is aimed at.

At 40 years old I really loved this story.  Cannot imagine a child not sharing my passion.


About the author

I am a radiation oncologist, specializing in the treatment of women's and children's cancer. I am also the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Owner of OncoLogics, Inc., a group of clinical cancer practices throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. I serve as a member of the Professional Advisory Board and am a site accreditor for the American College of Radiation Oncology. I have dedicated my career to helping my patients and their families lead balanced and rewarding lives after a cancer diagnosis.
My original intent as a writer was to create a vehicle for my adolescent patients that would remove the fear factor involved in the treatment of their cancer. I discovered a love for writing children's stories and haven't been able to put the pen down since.

See all available titles by the author here : 

Book Review of Light Weaver by Carol Anne Strange


Light Weaver is a contemporary story with a fantastical twist set in the English Lake District. It’s a tale about love, transience, and the nature of reality.

What if your world was no lon
ger what it seemed?

Strange and inexplicable things are happening in the Lakeland fells … light orbs dance over mossy crags, symbols miraculously appear in grassy lowlands, and Cali Silverthorn keeps disappearing into other worlds.

Mobile librarian, Tom Philips, is captivated by free-spirited Cali but is struggling to make sense of her remarkable abilities and the escalating strangeness impacting ordinary rural life.

As beliefs are challenged, Tom and Cali's love becomes the only constant in a questionable reality as they face the heart-breaking realisation that Cali may soon disappear for good.


Light WeaverLight Weaver by Carol Anne Strange
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This was an intriguing and beguiling read! I really enjoyed it!

Tom Philips is a fantastic character! He's studious and logical. I liked him very much. When he meets Cali, his eyes are opened to a whole new world.

Cali Silverthorn is also a wonderful character. She is completely opposite to Tom. She is very instinctual and spiritual. She is a holistic healer. I liked her carefree attitude, but it hides an even bigger secret.

This book is a mixture of science fiction, romance and fantasy. I found myself hooked from the first page! I have always been intrigued with the possibility of aliens visiting the earth, and in the formation of crop circles. The author has taken possible alien visitations and the crop circle phenomena and put a twist on it. Set in the lake district of England, the descriptions of the Lakeland fells and the villages were very vivid, and I felt like I was actually there! I loved meeting some of the village characters. Some are relatively normal, but there were a few that I felt were kindred spirits! I loved how the story unfolded and how effortlessly it flowed. The love that Tom and Cali feel for each other is palpable. There are a few heated scenes, but they are not explicit or erotic. There is a twist at the end, which I had hoped would occur, and it did!

Carol Anne Strange has written a fantastic tale that captured my attention, and gave me a thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking read. I look forward to reading more of her books.

I recommend this book if you love romance, science fiction or fantasy genres. - Lynn Worton

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Book Review of Purple by Graham J. Sharpe


After a purple storm sweeps around Planet Earth, stealing millions of people, four teenagers struggle to make it alone in London. Drawn together by a series of bizarre coincidences, Ellie, Midge, Scott and Marty soon find themselves entangled with a bunch of interfering pensioners. Among the cast of players are flamboyant hairdresser Mr Rupert, Pearl the loud-mouthed tea lady and June, a psychic, who travels the world on her motorbike. As the tranquilizing effects of the Purple diminish, greed and the lust for power take hold. Penny Treasure, leader of the Decision Makers Council, dreams up an idea that could destroy the world forever.


PurplePurple by Graham J. Sharpe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This YA Fantasy book was an unexpected delight to read! I really enjoyed it.

There are four main characters, Ellie, Midge, Scott and Marty. I liked them all very much. Ellie is a very level headed young lady. Midge came across as a bit of a clumsy clots, but I found her bumbling quite endearing. Scott is an enterprising young man, with a good head for business. And Marty is a fine young man who has flashes of inspiration at odd moments.

Set in London, England, this tale was extremely eerie in places. I found that I couldn't put it down! Imagine waking up to find that all adults from the ages 18 to 65 have disappeared. This would be a teenager's dream, or so you would think! These four characters find themselves being drawn into a mystery that brings them together on adventure into the spiritual and metaphysical. There are some very unusual characters in this book that also play their part. Mr. Rupert, an 84 year old hairdresser; Pearl, an outspoken tea lady and June, a psychic. These characters all have their quirks, but I really liked Mr. Rupert. He made me laugh!
As this story is told from four points of view, the reader gets to see each of the main characters and how their lives are affected by the Purple fog. There are several twists and turns that surprised me, and kept me reading until the end.

Graham J. Sharpe has written an entertaining and thought provoking read. He has imbibed his story with charm and wit, but it also has an important message for the young readers.

I highly recommend this book to young readers between the ages of 11 and 16, but adults would enjoy this book too! - Lynn Worton

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Book Review of Fire Country (The Country Saga #1) by David Estes


In a changed world where the sky bleeds red, winter is hotter than hell and full of sandstorms, and summer's even hotter with raging fires that roam the desert-like country, the Heaters manage to survive, barely. 
Due to toxic air, life expectancies are so low the only way the tribe can survive is by forcing women to procreate when they turn sixteen and every three years thereafter. It is their duty as Bearers.

Fifteen-year-old Siena is a Youngling, soon to be a Bearer, when she starts hearing rumors of another tribe of all women, called the Wild Ones. They are known to kidnap Youngling girls before the Call, the ceremony in which Bearers are given a husband with whom to bear children with.

As the desert sands run out on her life's hourglass, Siena must uncover the truth about the Wild Ones while untangling the web of lies and deceit her father has masterfully spun.


Fire Country (The Country Saga, #1)Fire Country by David Estes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review 6******

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

OMG! This is a fantastically brutal dystopian novel. I LOVED IT!

Siena is a fantastic character! She is a young lady that I greatly admire. Her determination, independence and grit astounded me. As her sixteenth birthday looms, she has to make a decision that will change her life.

As I started reading this book, I was completely pulled in to a world that has been devastated by a disaster of biblical proportions. The Heaters are a tribe living in the most unforgiving conditions I have ever encountered in the pages of a book, but somehow, they manage to survive. Raging sandstorms, fires and unrelenting heat would sap the energy out of anyone, but these people have gained my respect with their ingenuity and sheer determination. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat more than once, as the story unraveled. I also found myself on a rollercoaster of swinging emotions; from disbelief, anger, sadness, happiness, disgust, joy, a few other mixed ones and back again! However, it is their laws that I found myself railing against. The one where they have to force girls of sixteen to procreate for their survival. I can understand the need to survive as a tribe, but it's the way they go about it that made my stomach clench! I wanted to shout "perverts", but as they are fictional characters, they wouldn't hear me! However, there are some really likable characters that redeemed the tribe in my eyes. These are Siena's friends Circ and Veena. Circ is one of her closest friends and a wonderful character. He is a Hunter and the same age as Siena. Veena is a year older than Siena, and has already had a baby. Her attempts to get her no-good Call (mate) to take care of the baby made me giggle! This book is peppered with a whole slew of tribal slang, but it reminded me of some words I could picture the Australians saying (no offence to the Australians, I love their slang!). There are also a fair few twists and turns in this book that kept me hooked from the first page to the last! I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series!

David Estes has written a fantastic dystopian novel that has turned me into a huge fan! I love his writing style, which is fast paced and extremely fluid! His characters came alive, and the descriptions of the environs left me breathless! I am looking forward to reading his Moon Dwellers series in the foreseeable future.

I highly recommend this book if you love YA or Dystopian genres. - Lynn Worton

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Cover Reveal: Piercing The Fold: Book 1 by Venessa Kimball

Today, I have pleasure in bringing you the new cover of Piercing The Fold: Book 1 by Venessa Kimball.  I'm looking forward to reading this series! Without further ado, here it is! - Lynn


For the average human being, seeing dark auras, hearing ghostly whispers, and witnessing a contortion in the face of a passerby could easily be chalked up to hallucinations, daydreams, nightmares; mere illusions in reality. If we look hard enough, we will find explanations for such paranormal events. However, in this world, there are humans that are not so average. These humans are part of a bigger plan. Jesca Gershon-Sera is entering her sophomore year of college in Marietta Georgia, her hometown. She holds down a part-time job with her best friend, her family is close by, and school is going well. Everything should be perfect. Except, recently Jesca has been experiencing strange things; hallucinations, nightmares, daydreams that she hasn’t experienced in years. Jesca attempts to brush them off as stress from her new semester at school, but the illusions plaguing her reality intensify. Jesca “illusions in reality” begin manifesting within her as supernatural strength and abilities. Could she be losing her mind? Ezra Kahn, a mysterious professor of Jesca’s, happens to be everywhere she is recently; since the illusions intensified. Along with the slight fear that Ezra is stalking her, Jesca fears that he may be the culprit of these illusions. One night, in the heat of one of Jesca’s grand illusions, Ezra approaches her with an unexpected revelation up his sleeve. He reveals that she is not losing her mind, but rather all of the “illusions” in her skewed reality are very real and cause for inconceivable, catastrophic events to come. Ezra explains to her that, by birth, she is part of a fellowship of guardians that have inherited the responsibility to protect our earth and the human race. In Piercing the Fold: Book 1, “illusions in reality” are as real as you and I through the eyes of college student, Jesca Gershon Sera, and a fellowship of guardians predestined to protect humanity. *The Piercing the Fold series is intended for Mature Young Adult and Adult readers due to the the paranormal and unorthodox scientific concepts addressed throughout. This series contains a rich mixture of the paranormal, science fiction, romance, adventure, and suspense.

Author Bio:

In 2010, Venessa Kimball was struck by an idea, a story, that needed telling. Having always been passionate about the written word, Venessa embarked on writing what would become her debut novel, Piercing the Fold: Book 1; a mature young adult/ adult crossover, paranormal, science fiction series. July 2, 2012, Venessa Kimball independently published the first book in the Piercing the Fold series. Book 2, Surfacing the Rim, released March 14, 2013.

In August of 2013, Venessa joined the publishing house, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. The Piercing the Fold series will be re-published with them beginning with Piercing the Fold: Book 1 on September 3, 2013. Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 will be re-published on September 24. 2013 and Ascending the Veil: Book 3 will be released for the first time on October 18, 2013. The final book in the series, Book 4 (Title TBD) will release in 2014.

As for the future, Venessa is already filling her Work-In-Progress folder. Two of her future projects are contemporary fiction and will reflect her diversity as a writer in other genres. When Venessa is not writing, she is keeping active with her husband and three children, chauffeuring said children to extracurricular activities, participating in charitable 5k and 10k races (crazy...but she loves to run), catching a movie with her hubby, and staying up way too late reading.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Book Review of The Golden Sword by Rosie Morgan


All Arthur Penhaligon wants is to have a normal life, doing normal things.
But before he was born - a VERY long time before - Arthur was Chosen.
His life is going to be anything but ordinary.

Skateboarding down his local street Arthur realises that everyone has disappeared, except for one man – and a crow. And the man is waiting for him.

Arthur and his friends, Nick and Tamar, quickly find themselves pulled into a strange and dark world of ancient magic, deep mystery and danger.
A world where people travel through time, animals take control and a mythical sword becomes real.
A world where the murderous Crow Man, and Matearnas, the self-crowned Queen of Cornwall, are determined to rob Arthur of his ancient birthright.
At any cost.

Normal is about to go out of the window.

And it all starts on page 1....

At the end of the street the mist swirled and shifted. A shape flew out of the enveloping cloud and circled before settling on a gate post.
Moments later a tall, dark shadow silently followed. His long coat flowed behind him, and he wore a broad-brimmed hat pulled down low over his face. He strode purposefully along the street before coming to a halt outside the house where the bird waited.
The stranger examined the house intently. Then he nodded towards the bird and taking something out of his pocket, tossed it to the ground. Satisfied, he spun around and retraced his steps to disappear once more, into the mist.
The bird cawed once, spread its wings and followed.


The Golden SwordThe Golden Sword by Rosie Morgan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is the first book in a series for middle grade children that takes the myths and legends of Arthur and gives it a modern twist. I loved it!

Arthur Penhaligon is a fabulous character. I liked him very much. He is an intelligent young man, with some wonderful friends. He's a normal teenager, who loves to use his skate board and hang with his friends. Little does he know what danger awaits.

This story intrigued me. I have read many stories about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, from history text books to fictional re-tellings. King Arthur's myth and legend has intrigued many people over the years. There have been several books, TV programmes and movies made over the years. However, this book is a completely unique and modern tale that captured me from the first page! Set in Cornwall, England, this book was eerily creepy and spooky in places, especially some of the scenes on Bodmin Moor - I had chills! There are some interesting characters in this book. Arthur's friends, Nick and Tamar, are complete opposites. Nick is fun loving, and has an easy going attitude. Tamar is a more serious and studious person; she is quite logical in her thinking.
This tale has magic and myth wrapped in an exciting adventure that will capture young readers' imaginations. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series!

Rosie Morgan is a debut author who has written an extremely atmospheric tale that children will love. Her take on the Arthurian legend is most certainly unique! I will follow her career with interest.

I highly recommend this story to both boys and girls in the 7 to 14 age range. However, I also recommend this book to adults if you love YA or fantasy genres. - Lynn Worton

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