Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And the countdown to Christmas begin.....

What in the world is Santa going to do when his sleigh breaks down?
The presents are packed up, Santa is ready . . . but where is his magical sleigh? For the first time in history, Santa's sleigh is broken. Santa is grounded on the most important night of the year. How will children around the world get their presents?
Baby Santa, the youngest member of the Claus family, comes to the rescue. With his boundless energy, bright smile, and bouncy enthusiasm, Santa's son hatches a plan to save Christmas and have a traveling adventure at the same time.
Baby Santa takes his father on a great Christmas race around the world. Leaping into jeeps, cavorting on camels, and balancing in balloons, Baby Santa and his dad rely on local transportation to help them deliver presents to each and every locale.
With ingenuity and insight, Baby Santa saves Christmas and shows what sons and fathers can accomplish when they work together. This inspiring story will liven up the holidays as children (and their parents) experience the wonders of traveling the globe with the youngest adventurer from the North Pole.

My Review

I loved this story.  Phil Wilson did an amazing job with the illustration and M Maitland DeLand wrote a story of hope and the belief in the magic of Christmas that I think is perfect for the age group this book is aimed at.

At 40 years old I really loved this story.  Cannot imagine a child not sharing my passion.


About the author

I am a radiation oncologist, specializing in the treatment of women's and children's cancer. I am also the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Owner of OncoLogics, Inc., a group of clinical cancer practices throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. I serve as a member of the Breastcancer.org Professional Advisory Board and am a site accreditor for the American College of Radiation Oncology. I have dedicated my career to helping my patients and their families lead balanced and rewarding lives after a cancer diagnosis.
My original intent as a writer was to create a vehicle for my adolescent patients that would remove the fear factor involved in the treatment of their cancer. I discovered a love for writing children's stories and haven't been able to put the pen down since.

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