Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today Only by D Love ---An absolute must read

For those who do not believe in word of mouth -- let me tell you it works.

I got a copy of this book based on a friends gushing about the book. She is an author and not the gushing type. So I immediately took notice.

I read it in installments up to 75% since I cried already near the start when the main protagonist and her daughter got in a motor vehicle accident. At 75% though I gave up and read till the end.

I ended up balling my eyes out and promising myself to stop and see the beauty in everyday. Today Only is all we have but if we do this life correctly it may be all we need.

I have stopped crying now but I am still inspired to live for today only and see the beauty in THIS day. A must read. Get your copy, some tissues and some ME time.

The author Derinda Love

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Get your copy today!

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