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Yes woman can and often is evil, and when we go over to the dark Forests. Run!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Spoiler alert

Amy is the biggest twitch I have come across in a book in a very long time.
She uses, abuses and is a true psychopath being the poster child of dysfunctional in any DSMIV in the world.
The time she takes, the trouble she goes to, the extent of her hate.  I loved it all.

The reason I loved it is due to the fact that this is NOT a perfect woman.  She takes on role's - The Daughter.
The Wife.  The Friend etc but she is none of these.  She is a selfish self absorbed twit.  One I really hoped would bite the dust.
The ending was both brilliant as well as deeply disturbing.

A brilliant book indeed and one I am very glad a friend pushed me to read.


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Spoiler alert                                        Spoiler alert                                        Spoiler alert

So I read Gone Girl.
I loved it.  And this is where the spoiler bit comes into play.  Amy is one of the most manipulative women in fiction I have thus far come across.  That is saying a lot since I read a book a day. 
Then we have Jenny Pox.
Here we find a young girl who is as malicious and as manipulative as Amy.
And that is what this blog post is about.
It is about woman and our ability to play the perfect wife. Perfect mother. Perfect victim.
 Now don’t get me wrong.  You do find woman who is as close to a perfect for their husband as is possible.  You find woman that is such a natural mother that she puts the original earth mother to shame.  It is however the perfect victim that I want to rant about.
You find them in all genders given.
You find them with a cause and without, true.
The problem is that you find the victim over and over in some and they take away the sympathy supposedly reserved for the real victim.
Trust me breaking a nail is not the end of the world as you know it.
Your husband being human is not a deadly offence requiring a firing squad.
That said in our society we have been going over the Rubicon of logic and entered the subjective as an absolute truth. 
We have woman's day.
Woman's month. 
We have a society where "ME" time is ever more important and if you can't fill up your soul with some "ME' time then you will and are doing your family an injustice. ….. So let's recap.  Woman's day, woman's month. Me time.
So what are we doing and saying? Men are not worth a me time.  Men does not deserve a man's day?
Or that man has all his time for himself and everyday is a man's day.
Sorry people that type of thinking will get us into trouble.  I happen to like men.  For more than one reason.  I like their bodies and I like their minds.  I like the fact that they don’t need to share with me every single detail of their day starting from the vehicle's sputtering sound when he turned the key in the ignition, only to see he forgot to open the garage door, so he needed to get out of the car, open the garage door walk back only to find the kitty cat jumped in the car.  After half an hour of severe struggles he got the cat out of the car, got back in, saw his suit was full of cat hair and noticed that he needs to get a move on since his first meeting already started 15 minutes back.  By now he is reversing and the bump under his tire made him chinch only to find out that he did not drive over the cat but over an extremely expensive ……. that the boy child left in the driveway.  The song on the radio sucked, it was that one that goes la le la la la dum dum dum dum dum la dum dum…you know the one.  The one sang by the underweight platinum blond.  Oh and that reminds him, he needs to go and update his mp3 collection once he gets home again.  By now, thank goodness the poor sap has his indicator light on to enter the street to drive towards work. 
Are you exhausted? I am.  And that my friend is what woman does not men.  A man comes home, you ask how your day was and you, if you are extremely lucky gets a Guhumfff.  End of story.  So when I need to know every single minute detail, I will go to my hair dresser.  When I want a man.  A real man. I will take any good ole bloke from the street.
So my point after this extremely long boring monologue.  I love the fact that these two authors has manipulative woman as their main protagonists or one of their main protagonists.  I love the fact that somebody in this world do not thing all men are crap.  All women go into fainting spells and retire for some polite conversation.  In the battle of the sexes we will never ever be equal.  Woman will always have the upper hand.  We manipulate with guilt, guile and sex.  Men, dear sweet brutes.  Is much more simplistic in their way of dealing with life and woman. 
Now that I know some authors know we are evil spawn, I am looking forward to reading a book in which a man is the strongest born witch in a coven spanning generations in 300 years.  That he will swoon at least 2 times.  That he will faint into the arms of his dearest soul mate a minimum of 5 times in the book.  That he will go and end up in a remote part of the country with no gas in the tank.  That he will chase a very bad guy with 9 inch heals breaking one, a Jimmy Choo to boot by kicking a guy who outweighs his slender frame with about 180 pounds with never using his powers (he is a witch remember) for anything apart from keeping his soul mate, his sparkly tall dark haired lover to be weighing in at 200 pounds with a real body and real curves.  Now this is a book I might like as a chance of pace.
In the mean time.
Men are not evil.
Men are not bad.
Women are not weak.
Women can be manipulative and some can be evil.
Do not fall for a stereotype in your writing or worse still, in your life. 
We keep saying we now have all information at our fingertips.  That may or may not be true.  What is a fact however is that while we have knowledge and the means to obtain it, we seem to willingly blind ourselves against the obvious every single day. 

The second book that inspired this rant is a brilliant free book penned by an Indie author.... hold on

I fell in love with the story of Jenny almost from the first page. I loved the sick, dark twisted reality to explicitly told but not explained. It has been a long time since I was so chilled by the true extent of human depravity and pure evil as portrayed through Ashleigh. I love to hate that girl. She is bad to the bone and although lovely to look at, popular etc she is evil incarnate.

I loved the fact that Ashleigh uses sex as her main power. I often wonder if women simply not acknowledge that they use sex in such a manner as to prove to themselves that they are not a such and such or if they simply not know that they are. In this book, Ashleigh's use of sex is extremely prevalent and extreme although not all the sex scenes are explicit. It is those perpetrated by Ashleigh that is both explicit and deeply disturbing, warranting the 18 rating. The rest is not as explicit and at times not even explored. 

Jenny is a very rare character. She is supposed to be evil incarnate but from her earliest introduction into the story the reader will find that she is not only love able but remarkable. You learn to respect her for the choices she makes, a rare trait in any YA novel, especially in a paranormal novel. 

Oh, the paranormal part, well …. You see, Ashleigh, Jenny and Seth all have three very different powers. But the evil lies not in their powers, but in how they choose to use and corrupt it. So although their powers plains a large role in the story it is actually the corruption of their powers that forms the base line for this brilliant story. 

Seth, well Seth should be the guy, I for one, would have hated. I believe you work for what you want in life, not receive it on a silver platter, guess what, Seth does. To my bliss and astonishment Seth is a persons, person. He might be rich but he will love unconditionally, stand for his beliefs even if he stands alone! I loved Seth's character and I am sure I would have loved to have met a boy like him way back when.

Without giving away plot twists or spoilers I can't say much more apart from the fact that I would recommend it to all my friends 18 years and up as a brilliant must read book. Since it is free, even better. But guess what, I so plan to buy the second book in this series as soon as I get some money. So come April 1st I will be torturing you all with daily updates of my new brilliant read by J.L Bryan. And that friends, is basically the best recommendation of all. Go get this book. Do yourself a favour.

I give this book a 9 *** *** *** rating. I would have given it a ten but I am sure the second book in the series might be even better.

Free link on Amazon to download Jenny Pox.  

Share your opinion on this topic with me as a comment.  Thank you.  

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