Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Three Days of Rain by Christine Hughes

Three Days of Rain

This is a story of love, of loss, of acceptance and most of all of hope. 
When Maddie walks away Jake cannot carry on as he used to.  His temper is tempered down and so also his pleasure in playing the guitar.  Maddie walked away though from more than only this one man and with this Jake needs to come to terms with.  As he meets a new love, he is reserved in giving her his heart and trust even though she eventually come to understand what it is all about.  She gives him her life, her love and heart and from it he heals.  Then tragedy strikes and Maddie reenters their lives, with it she brings it her past, his past and a revelation that will rock all of their worlds.  As two vehicles collide so does two lives collide in an accident of tragedy, hope and understanding.

A great read.

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