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Book Review of The Red Lady (The Red Lady Trilogy) by Riley Steel


A broken heart. A Girl's Night Out. A woman determined to move on and forget. 
That is, until she runs into the Red Lady. She will take you to the height of ecstasy, show y
ou things you never thought you wanted to see, and finally she will feast upon you. 


The Red LadyThe Red Lady by Riley Steel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I won this book from the author in a competition.

This is the first book in a new erotic paranormal romance trilogy. I really enjoyed it!

Ripley Paterson is a great character. She is a normal wife and mother. I liked her a lot, especially since she didn't stoop to revenge against her cheating husband with violence. I liked her style though!

This is a short novella and a quick read. I started reading the story and was intrigued with the characters. Avril is Ripley's best friend. She is free spirited and quite the party animal. When things go south with Ripley's relationship with her husband, she takes Ripley to a club run by The Red Lady. I wasn't sure whether I liked the owner of The Red Lady, Thea. She seemed to me to be quite pushy and domineering. When I found out she was a vampire, it began to make sense! The story has a few twists that kept me intrigued. Not to mention a little f/f and m/f action! However, the action is implied, rather than shown, in places and a bit explicit in others. That doesn't mean that it's not hot! The end of the book finishes on a slight cliffhanger and I'm looking forward to reading the next book to find out what Ripley has up her sleeve!

Riley Steel has written an intriguing start to a trilogy. I loved the way the story flowed. Her writing style is fast paced, but not rushed. I have not read anything by this author before, but I would definitely consider reading her other books in the future.

Due to the use of bad language, I do not recommend this book to younger readers. However, I recommend this novella if you love erotic paranormal romances, or are looking for a quick hot read! - Lynn Worton

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Book Review of Judgement of Souls by Margarita Felices


JUDGEMENT OF SOULS is a Gothic horror in which a na├»ve pure-blood Vampire is tossed into the mortal world. Rachel meets Daniel, a nightclub owner and his group of friends and after Daniel’s best friend is murdered by Max, becomes embroiled in the search. Rachel tries to fight off her feelings for Daniel, even siding with her Vampire friend Arun to think again about Daniel’s involvement, but he’s her love and she’s going to protect him, no matter what.


Judgement of SoulsJudgement of Souls by Margarita Felices
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is a most intriguing story. I really enjoyed it.

Rachel is an interesting character. She is a vampire on the hunt for a rogue member of her clan. I liked her spunk. She is stubborn and a bit naive, but she has good intentions, which gets her into trouble sometimes.

Daniel Moore is also an interesting character. He is a nightclub owner and the grandson of a philanthropic millionaire. I liked this character's loyalty to his friends, but I felt that he was being taken advantage of by them. When he meets Rachel, little does he know that danger is not that far away.

I started reading this book and was quickly drawn into the story. It is more of a romance than a gothic horror novel. However, the mix of horror and romance made for an interesting read. This story is told from multiple points of view, but Rachel and Daniel are the main characters. The story is set in Cardiff, Wales, which makes a nice change from the usual US settings. I did find some of the plot a bit thin and the motives behind Max's actions a bit shaky. However, the characters were well developed and rather interesting. I took an instant dislike to Juliette, who was rather jealous and possessive of Daniel, even though they were only friends. I must admit that I rather liked Arun, Rachel's leader and friend. He has a dry sense of humour that borders on the mischievous side. He had me giggling at some of his comments.
There are a few twists that kept the story interesting, and a mystery of a missing scroll to solve. Near the end there is a massive fight scene that was rather riveting and had me sitting on the edge of my seat! I do love a happy ending, and in this regard the book does not disappoint!

Margarita Felices has written a fast paced paranormal gothic romance that was quite entertaining and flowed wonderfully. I am looking forward to reading her short story, The Psychic, shortly.

I recommend this book if you love paranormal romances or gothic horror filled with vampires. - Lynn Worton

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Book Review of Blood Skies (Book 1) by Steven Montano


In a world where nightmares stalk the earth and the few survivors must battle the vampire legions of the Ebon Cities, a team of soldiers races to save mankind when a traitor threatens 
to destroy the future of humanity.
Southern Claw warlock Eric Cross is a member of Viper Squad, and his mission is to pursue the witch called Red across the wastelands. His hunt takes him through haunted forests and blighted tundra, into war-torn cities and to the edge of a twisted necropolis. And before the journey is done Cross will uncover the dark origins of magic, and learn the true meaning of sacrifice...


Blood Skies (Blood Skies, #1)Blood Skies by Steven Montano
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Where do I start? This is a fantastic post apocalyptic dark fantasy! I loved it!

Eric Cross is an intriguing character. He is a warlock and a member of Viper Squad, an elite group of warriors who have been tasked with tracking down a rogue witch. I really liked this man. He has a tendency to be overprotective of his sister, but with dangerous vampires around, I don't blame him!

I started to read this book and I was quickly hooked! This story is very hard to describe without giving anything away! The vivid imagery of the apocalyptic red sky, the places and people brought this story to life. A post apocalyptic world is a scary thought! What cataclysmic event created this one is a mystery, but this world is a dangerous one. There are humans, mages and vampires, and a long standing war between them that has been raging for over 20 years. The vampires are dark and scary! I certainly wouldn't want to meet these fiends! They are certainly not sparkly!
There are some intriguing characters that join Cross on his journey, including his sister, Snow. However, none are more so than Cross's mage spirit. She is tied to him and his magic in a mysterious way. He can interact with her, but she is more of an energy or shadow rather than a physical being. As the story unfolded, I was struck by the use of modern items such as weapons combined with old fashioned travel, using horses and camels rather than cars and lorries, which gave this book a steampunk feel. As Cross's journey continues, he meets a witch called Cristena. I really liked this feisty woman. She is reckless at times, but she has a good reason. The story is full of twists and turns that continually surprised me, and there are a few shocking events that made me gasp. The ending was somewhat anti-climatic (there was no cliffhanger as such), but there was a teaser for the second book, which made me want to keep reading!

Steven Montano has written a fantastic dark fantasy that is fast paced and action packed. However, I felt that some of the scenes were a bit too long and drawn out. Nevertheless, this did not destroy my enjoyment of the story, and I look forward to reading more of this series in the future.

Due to scenes of violence, I do not recommend this book to young readers or those of a nervous disposition. However, I highly recommend this book if you love dark fantasy, dystopian, post apocalyptic, paranormal or horror genres. - Lynn Worton

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Book Review of Rescued (Flowers of the Bayou) by Arlene Lam


The fire that burned when they were together was consuming.

Her whole life Amelia was told what to do obediently following the rules her domineering aunt set forth. Right down to letting the woman choose the man she was to marry. However this was about to change because from the moment she laid eyes on Jordan Bradford the shy young maid was lost. But loving a man like him was beyond dangerous for more than the obvious reasons. However Amelia found herself throwing caution to the wind and willing to risk everything for just one kiss.

Intriguing and honest Jordan was drawn to Amelia instantly. Shy and witty Jordan knows that deep down there is a woman just waiting to be set free if only those around her would let her. Still he knew pursuing her was not an option. And even if it was she was already promised to another man. Yet every time she was near that knowledge was lost to him. Wasn't forbidden fruit always sweeter? It was an added luxury that whenever he was in her presence his past seemed just that, the past. Just one look and a flame long though extinguished was awakened in him. So much so that Amelia was a woman Jordan decided needed to be rescued.


RescuedRescued by Arlene Lam
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

I love a good romance story, so when I was offered this book, I jumped at the chance. I'm glad I did, because I really enjoyed it.

Amelia Marriott is an intriguing character. She is the maid/cook for a family called Bradford. She is a bit on the shy side, but she has an inner strength that comes to the fore. I really liked her a lot.

Jordan Bradford is the head of the Bradford household. He is also an intriguing character. He has a wonderful personality and is a loving brother to little Georgia. I liked him a lot too!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first started to read this story, but from the first page I was hooked! This story is set in New Orleans in 1872. I must admit that I have not read many interracial historical romances, but this story was very enjoyable. There are some interesting characters that help bring the book to life. Little Georgia (Jordan's sister) is a gem! She is only six, but she had me giggling at her antics. Morgan, Amelia's suitor, on the other hand is an old pervert! His attitude made me want to punch him! Or at least report him to the police! The story is told through several points of view, but Amelia and Jordan are the main characters. They make a lovely couple, but the prejudice they face is still relevant to this day. I personally have no issue with interracial relationships, but a lot of people do. Interracial relationships in the 1800's was rather a risque thing to do, and several families were broken because of it. Both Amelia and Jordan, in my opinion, were very brave to incur the wrath of their respective families. There are several twists and turns that surprised me, and the ending left me smiling.

Arlene Lam has written a fast paced historical romance that flowed beautifully. Her use of colloquial Southern language made the characters become more real. I would definitely consider reading more of her books in the future.

I highly recommend this book if you love historical romances. - Lynn Worton

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Margo Bond Collins' latest book, Fairy, Texas!

FairyTexasCover 1

Genre: YA Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Romance/Mystery
Release Date: February 5, 2014
Publisher: Solstice Shadows Publishing
Book Blurb 350
Fairy, Texas. A small town like any other. Laney Harris didn't want to live there. When her mother remarried and moved them to a town where a date meant hanging out at the Sonic, Laney figured that "boring" would have a whole new meaning. A new stepsister who despised her and a high school where she was the only topic of gossip were bad enough. But when she met the school counselor (and his terminal bad breath), she grew suspicious. Especially since he had wings that only she could see. And then there were Josh and Mason, two gorgeous glimmering-eyed classmates whose interest in her might not be for the reasons she hoped. Not to mention that dead guy she nearly tripped over in gym class. She was right. Boring took on an entirely new dimension in Fairy, Texas. Copy-of-isTemplateBs-Movie-2-728x90-167_128 Book Excerpt 350
“Okay, girls,” Coach Spencer yelled above the chatter around me. “We’re going to get warmed up for this year with a little run around the outer track.” She gestured toward a field off to the right of the building. I could see a dirt track wending its way along the edge, disappearing into a copse of stubby trees and scrub brush at the far end. “Four laps,” Spencer added. A general groan went up, and I was glad that the discussion at lunch had distracted me from eating too much. Late August in Texas is hot.
“Well?” the coach said. “Get going!”
We started off at a trot toward the field, many of the girls around me still complaining. For a moment, I considered hanging back with the crowd, but Andrew had told me that Spencer coached the girls’ track team. I wanted to impress her. So I stretched my legs out as I hit the track and settled in to a long stride, my breathing still easy.
The afternoon sun beat down on my head. I watched the small grove grow closer, anxious for some shade. By the time I hit the bend in the track that led into the thicket, I was yards ahead of the rest of the runners—so when I rounded the curve and tripped over the body, I was all alone.
It didn’t take long for everyone else to catch up, but it seemed like an eternity as I scrambled back, crab-like. It took a moment for my brain to translate the messages my eyes were sending it—the images coalesced slowly, like one of those magic pictures with the 3D images inside.
He had been stretched out spread-eagle across the trail, head and feet half-concealed in the brush on either side. Blood pooled around him, sticky and half-dried at the edges. His shirt had been ripped open and a slash opened him from his throat to his stomach.
As the other girls rounded the bend, I realized that the high, keening noise in the background was the sound of my own screaming. As soon as I realized it, I stopped, but several of my classmates picked up where I left off.
My hands and knees were coated with blood where I had landed; my skin was tacky with it. I crawled over to the nearest bush and vomited.
Coach Spencer shoved her way through the girls and stuttered to a stop, her hand to her mouth. “Oh, God,” she said. “It’s Cody Murphy.”
About the author 350png MargoBondCollins
Margo Bond Collins is the author of a number of novels, including Waking Up Dead, Fairy, Texas, and Legally Undead (forthcoming in 2014). She lives in Texas with her husband, their daughter, and several spoiled pets. She teaches college-level English courses online, though writing fiction is her first love. She enjoys reading urban fantasy and paranormal fiction of any genre and spends most of her free time daydreaming about vampires, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, and other monsters.
Connect with Margo
Amazon Author Page: Author Page
Twitter: @MargoBondCollin
Goodreads: Author Page
Facebook: Author Page
Facebook: Novel Page
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Manners, first impressions and book sales!

Let us chat a bit. So a week ago I received an email from an author. It is the same ole-same old. I am a new author….. My reply -- I do not take new review books at this time, however since your book is a short I will make an exception. Please forward it to me in mobi or Kindle format using this email address please. [NOTE MY USE OF THE WORD PLEASE.....] Kind regard……you get the picture. So 72 hours later I receive another email from the same author. No reply. Not a word. He simply used my reply to add a copy of his book. Not a Hallo, not a thank you not a word. So guess what? I finished reading his book now. It was REAALLLLY Short so it did not take long. It is also in the horror genre but ……… and here it comes. I did not like the book and I am sure my dislike of the book has nothing to do with the authors writing and EVERYTHING to do with his abysmal lack of good manners. Being who I am, I read a lot of status updates, I receive lots of PM's from authors and I keep hearing -- oh whoa me. This or that reviewer was mean to me. They took me on personally. They act as if the fact that my book is not edited is a sin…..
Well, let's talk about that. You DO get troll reviewers. Let's forget about them for now. As for mean… that is usually a troll reviewer. If not. And it is a personal attack then I bet you know that reviewer via some form or the other in real life or via social media. In which case I suggest you pm them after a few days and calmly ask them why they have been mean to you. I cannot save you. None of us can. So the reviewer took you on personally. Ok. Again, see mean reviewers.
Editing….this is a no brainer people. I get accosted daily due to my status update's etc that is not grammatically correct or has spelling errors in it. I do not go and cry to authors that my second language is not perfect. Instead I try to correct it or I simply shrug and say…hey THE AUTHORS WHO'S BOOKS I AM READING IS WORSE AT THIS THAN I AM.
No you need not spend thousands of $ to get your book edited. You do however need to read re-read and read it again before you hit that publish button. And then the moment before you hit that button, read it again. Ask your friends to beta read, save up for an editor and when you editor suggests changes MAKE THEM. What does this have to do with an author with no manners? Everything. First impressions can never truly be changed. I will not accept more books from this author, I will not engage him in conversation and I will NOT like his books. Not because he cannot write but because he got on my nerves from the get go. So a word of advice, authors, you get only ONE opportunity to impress readers. If you want to have sales, if you want a following make sure your first impression is as good a one as you can present. Reviewers….I am done with this. I am convinced that I am correct in my newly enforced opinion that EVERYBODY thinks their time is more valuable than mine. So in future, if you cannot take the time to address me by name, if you cannot respond with a simply TY. You are out and you will have one less reader. I know you will not miss me. The fact is I will not miss you either.
On that note. For those authors who is not simply in this to force their books on us. For those authors who has manners. For those authors who knows the value of first, second and third impressions. Thank you. I and millions of reviewers love you. And we will continue to do so. Cause, you buttercup, made a good first impression.

Book Review of The Bachelor Farmers by Brenda Sorrels


Set in northern Minnesota in the winter of 1919, THE BACHELOR FARMERS tells a story of two Norwegian brothers who learn the meaning of love from a most unlikely source.

Hans and Jon, t
he youngest of four immigrant brothers, have just inherited land from their recently deceased father and set out to develop it, thus perpetuating the family dream of success in America. When Jon learns that the husband of Mahal, a beautiful half-breed, Ojibwa woman, has been injured on their property and cannot work, he hires her to be their personal cook.

Under the eye of his disapproving brother, Jon finds himself falling in love, but when a terrible blizzard blows into town without warning, the three of them must deal with the consequences and make decisions that will ultimately reshape their lives in profound and unimaginable ways.

THE BACHELOR FARMERS takes us into a world where true meaning and healing are found in the complexity of human relationships and in the choices that are made in the face of adversity.


The Bachelor FarmersThe Bachelor Farmers by Brenda Sorrels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is a fantastic and compelling story of love and loss set in 1919. I really enjoyed it!

Jon Gustafson is the youngest son of four brothers. He is a wonderful character. He is kind, thoughtful and hardworking. I liked him very much.

Hans Gustafson is the next to youngest son. He too is a wonderful character. He has a very good head on his shoulders. Like his brother, he too is hardworking, but he is more taciturn and reserved. I liked him a lot too.

I do not usually read a lot of historical fiction, but the blurb intrigued me so I decided to give the book a try. This is not necessarily a fast paced tale, but it is most definitely a page turner! There are four Gustafson brothers, who are immigrants from Norway and now living in Duluth, but this story only follows the two youngest, Hans and Jon. They are both intriguing characters in their own way. Jon is a sensitive soul, so when he hears of Mahal's story, he impulsively employs her as their cook. Mahal's story is not a happy one, but she has a strength of character that filled me with awe! The story is told from Jon's, Hans's and Mahal's points of view, which allows the reader to get to know the thoughts and feelings of each of them. The author has brought the past to life with her detailed descriptions of people and places, and made me feel like I had traveled back in time. However, it is the last half of the story that really touched me. My heart broke for all the characters, and I ended up in tears. Therefore, be prepared with some tissues! This story is not a love story nor even a romance, but the story of betrayal, love, loss and forgiveness.

Brenda Sorrel has written a fantastic historical novel that is extremely touching and deeply moving. I love her writing style that, although not as fast paced as the other books I am used to reading, flowed beautifully. I would definitely read more of this author's work in the future.

Although there are scenes of an intimate nature, they are not explicit. I highly recommend this book if you love historical fiction. - Lynn Worton

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Book Review of Uberlord by Mark Anderson


Mymy, the porn star. Able, the hacker, Yoshi, the retired corporate ninja. Three unconnected people whose lives lead them down a rabbit hole of conspiracy, danger and terrifying truths. Haven't you heard yet? The world is owned - bought and paid for, and those in control are not happy with the rest of us. Not happy at all. Project Uberlord has started. Our time draws near.


UberlordUberlord by Mark Anderson Esquire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is the second book I have read from this author. It is an intriguing read and I really enjoyed it!

Mymy Gabour is a porn star and businesswoman. She is not some bimbo with more assets than brains. I really liked her sharp mind, but I found myself shaking my head at her naivety in certain situations. Nevertheless, I found her to have more bravery then some men!

Able Mente is a complete computer geek. He's a hacker with morals (go figure). I liked this young man; he is smart and clever, but his over confidence tends to get him into trouble.

Yoshi Yamomotto is a Japanese corporate ninja (a type of assassin) who has retired. I liked this elderly man, who lives in the tradition of ninja warriors. He may have retired, but that doesn't mean he's not lethal!

This is the second book I have read by this author. I must admit that I was unsure I would enjoy this book, as his first one was rather on the grim and bloodthirsty side. However, I am pleased to say that I was completely hooked! The story is a suspenseful, thought provoking read that started off slowly, but gathered pace as the characters found themselves in danger. The three characters are quite lifelike and have interesting personalities. Each character has a chapter to themselves, so the reader gets to see things from their points of view. I liked how the author built up the intrigue, with shadowy figures that chased the main characters. The conspiracies used by the author in the story made for a compelling read; some I had heard of before, but some were new. Unfortunately, I didn't find them all believable. However, there maybe truth in them. Then again, they could be made up and full of lies. I am rather an open minded person, who knows we are being mislead or lied to about certain events, or things in the world. However, that's what makes conspiracies so compelling - the lack of evidence either way. The unknown is always mysterious and will keep mankind exploring the "what if" conundrum. The author has created such a scenario with this tale. If what he proposed in his book is at all possible, I would be absolutely horrified! I do know that we already use certain aspects of his conspiracy, but if the whole became true, I shudder to think of what that would mean for the world as a whole. In the wrong hands, it could mean a dictatorship or Armageddon!

Mark Anderson has written a compellingly dark and suspenseful read that had me turning the pages! I have found that his writing/story telling ability had improved considerably since his debut novel, and wonder what he may come up with next!

Although there is not a lot of sexual activity in this story, there are scenes of gore and violence. Therefore, I do not recommend this book to younger readers or those of a nervous disposition. I do, however, recommend this book if you love mystery, suspense or thriller genres with more conspiracies than you could shake a stick at! - Lynn Worton

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Review of Ending ELE (ELE Series #5) by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels


"Sometimes, I feel as if loving you is the single greatest and scariest thing I've ever done.” ~Tony (Ending ELE)

The government took her people and now they 
are looking for her too. Running seems to be all that Willow and her friends do these days. Not only must Willow stay out of the reach of the soldiers who took her friends, but now she finds herself hunted by a more sinister threat. An evil group of men that are looking to finish what Hastings' had started.

This time Willow's friends won't let her run off to be the sacrificial hero, especially not the man who loves her. Will Willow and her friends find a way to save her people and take down the bad guys once and for all? And in the end, can Willow and Tony find their happily ever after in a post Project ELE world?

From the authors of Project ELE comes ENDING ELE. The fifth book in an all-new apocalyptic series with a paranormal twist: The ELE Series.


Ending ELE (ELE, #5)Ending ELE by Rebecca Gober
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review 6******

This is the fifth and final book in this YA Romance/post-apocalyptic/dystopian series. I LOVED IT!

Willow Mosby is a fantastic character! She has had to deal with a lot in her short life. She is only sixteen (turning 17), but she has grown up quite quickly and is madly in love with Tony. I really like her tenacious and stubborn attitude. She is one of the bravest kick ass heroines I have come across in literature. She could probably give Katniss and Tris a run for their money!

This is a fantastic conclusion to the series! I have been looking forward to reading this book for some time. But I had mixed feelings about it too, because I felt sad that the adventure was coming to an end. Once I started reading though, I couldn't put the book down! Again, I was swept back into Willow's world full of danger from the Reapers, and the men wanting to extract her blood to figure out how she was able to absorb other's powers without becoming a Reaper herself and losing her soul. The story has a few twists that kept me guessing and intrigued. There are also a couple of new characters with intriguing powers that get introduced into the mix. However, Sebastian (Sabby for short and Willow's brother) stole my heart from the first book and has it still! He may only be three (turning four), but he just had me melting with his sheer cuteness! He reminded me of my nephews' at that age. The action was intense, and very descriptive; I felt like I was really in the midst of the scenes! There are also a few emotional scenes that were very touching, especially the one near the end, and I had to dry a few tears - keep a few tissues handy! However, I wouldn't have missed this emotional roller coaster ride of a series for anything! I am very grateful to a friend for recommending it to me!

The writing partnership between Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels is fantastic! Their combined writing styles compliment each other beautifully. They have written a fast paced series that flows seamlessly from one book to the next. They have also created a world that is believable (which is somewhat a terrifying thought!), and characters that are extremely memorable. I am looking forward to reading more books from these authors in the future.

I highly recommend this book (and series!) if you love YA Paranormal Romance, Post-Apocalyptic or Dystopian novels. - Lynn Worton

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Review of The Jade Treasure of Shadows; Amelia Maylock #4 (Amelia Maylock books) by Jason Ellis


"I need to be careful." People in the old fashioned dimension were not familiar with magic of any kind. Amelia reminded herself that staying disguised was paramount. If she did find something wrong in the town square, Amelia knew she would need to decide quickly if she was going to react, or get out of there to safety. As she turned the final corner and saw the black iron fence ahead of her, it was clear straight away that something connected to her magical world was happening. A few feet in front of her, hanging in the middle of the road, all the way up to the fence, was an uneven line of white light. It had a distinctive blue tinge to it and looked as if someone had run along with a pen - that wrote in light - scribbling in the air. "I've never seen anything like that before!" Pretending to be totally unaware of it, and just a 'normal' girl walking home, Amelia followed the light trail towards the iron fence.


The Jade Treasure of Shadows (Amelia Maylock, #4)The Jade Treasure of Shadows by Jason Ellis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the fourth book in the Amelia Maylock series for young adults (age range 9 to 14). I absolutely loved it!

Amelia Maylock is a fantastic character. She is growing up quite quickly and, although her evil twin sister Erryaz is still trying to get her to join her, Amelia sets off on a dangerous mission to rescue her friend from a terrible fate.

The story carries on from the end of the third book. I have really enjoyed this series so far! There is danger and excitement aplenty, but there is also humour and friendship. The story captured my attention from the first page, and I became engrossed in Amelia's journey. The old hag (her real name) is one of the wittiest characters in the book, and some of her jokes made me groan, but what kid doesn't like that kind of humour? Amelia's journey into the prison realm is very atmospheric. If you have a touch of arachnophobia (fear of spiders), you may want to skip over it! If you did though, you would miss out on a very exciting scene. I could picture that scene quite clearly - my heart sure got a work out and, although I didn't bite my nails, it was a close thing! The descriptions of the characters and places were very vivid, and I could picture them all in my minds eye with ease.
The only major complaint I have is that the book seemed to end too quickly - I wanted to keep reading! The ending has a huge cliffhanger and now I have to wait until the next book to find out if Amelia can (or will) defeat Erryaz. Please hurry up Mr. Ellis!

Jason Ellis has written an exciting YA fantasy/adventure series that will keep youngsters hooked from the first page! I love his writing style, which is fast paced and flows beautifully.

I highly recommend this book (and series) to not only boys and girls aged between 9 to 14, but to adults who love the younger YA genre. - Lynn Worton

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The Fix by Michael Balkind & Ryan Burr

Click on the pic to go to to purchase your copy today.

At first I wanted to contact the author and tell him…slow down.  No man will get into this much trouble from being such a dedicated and focused young man.  Then I read a bit further

The reader will meet Colt, the boy next door with the patience and dedication to become a sport star.

He has it all, a loving and supporting family.  A beautiful girlfriend.  The means and the opportunity to make his dreams come true and a strong moral compass.

Then the reader meets Frank Gernsner.  The complete opposite of Colt.  Or so it would seem.

I never could understand match fixing.  In a sport like boxing or such, sure.  One man, taking the fall made sense in other sports where you are part of a team it was beyond me. 

In this book I learned how gamblers get roped in with falsified odd payouts.  That was new to me; I contacted a friend of mine, a consummate gambler and asked him if this made sense…mind you this was at the start of the book.  He replied negatively with a ps clarifying only if the Holder is roping in a newbie…well now that made sense.  NOT.  But as I read more it became apparent. 
I found the pace and the extent of Colt's downward spiral fascination and abhorring.  And soon my doubts made way with incredulous awe as I came to understand that the author managed to capture the one weakness most of the Western world holds dear.  Money and an excess of it.  I came to realize that I might have fallen as hard and as fast as colt did in THE FIX. 

Colt becomes Frank Gertner and due to his debt he gets pulled into even more rocky ground.  Match fixing…

The story is not all doom and gloom though and the ending came as a pleasant surprise that will fill the readers mind with hope.  Colt is saved not solely by an outside source although this source is the catalyst but also by making a decision for the greater good.  One that can cost him everything.
A five star read for any reader.  A sport fan might take more from this than I did but I doubt it.  The sport is the mechanism the humanity is the cause and effect.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cover Unveiled Tour Schedule: CHASING ANYA by JL CAMPBELL

Been there. Done that.

Feisty and independent, Anya Davies lives by her own rules. The one thing she’s hell-bent on avoiding is a conventional relationship. Nor is she interested in romance, thanks to her abusive ex who refuses to stay in the past. The second complication in her life is a secret that condemns her to constant guilt and a solitary life. A series of near misses and escalating threats are a third and worrying factor. Only a special man would understand or live with Anya’s challenges and demands.

Casual not having that.

Enter Christophe Mondesir. Two years ago, Anya dumped him without explanation. An accidental meeting shoots Anya back on Christophe’s radar. He refuses to be denied and plans to breach the fortress Anya has built around her heart—if she’ll commit to more than a casual liaison. He’s also determined to find out what she’s hiding. That’s if the stalker who’s after Anya doesn’t end her life first.

Genre:  Romance, Women's Fiction
Content/Theme(s):  Sexual Content (not graphic), Post Abortion Sydrome, Relationships, Spousal Abuse,
Release Date:  January 13, 2014
Publisher: The Writers' Suite

 photo 85c6c375-f71a-468a-ad8c-b8d2b30deb99_zps986ff285.jpg
He stood before her, pressing kisses to her neck. Then his lips covered hers. Soft. Persuasive.

She resisted him at first, but the memory of his lovemaking warmed her blood and she relaxed against him. The unknown word he’d spoken came to mind and she twisted away from him. “I’m not so sure I should let you touch me, ’specially since I don’t know what you said earlier. What was that anyhow?”

“I said you should stop talking like a slut.”

She mashed his toes with her foot. “How dare you talk to me like that?”

“Ouch! If you insist on treating sex as if it is some sort of pill—”

“If you were sensitive to my needs, I wouldn’t have to resort to asking for sex.”
He narrowed his eyes. “You know what? I’m going to give you what you want.”

That said, Christophe pressed his lips to hers, forcing her mouth open. She fought him, but this time he ignored her attempts to escape.

The intensity of his kiss frightened her. His grip on her arms was too tight and she felt suffocated by his strength. “No, Christophe, I—”

His hand glided under her shirt and the words lodged in her throat. She cast aside her objections, swept away by the fire his touch lit on her insides.

They landed on her bed, struggling to free themselves of their clothing. Minutes later, Christophe reduced her to an orgasmic shudder.

Then they started over.

When they were satisfied, she panted against his chest.

Christophe eased away from her and rolled onto his back to stare into a corner of the room.

Now what was wrong with him? She raised herself up on her elbow. “What’s bugging you now?”

It took him a while to look her in the eyes. “D’you realize I just raped you?”

She almost giggled. “Well, it was the best rape I ever had.”

He sighed. “I’m serious. You said no, and I didn’t listen.”

He murmured something she didn’t hear and rolled onto his side, away from her.

Anya stared at a mole on his shoulder, unable to believe what she was seeing and hearing. Was he serious? Wasn’t she supposed to be the basket case?

She scratched at the skin around the cast. It was itching like hell lately.

Christophe got up and went into the bathroom. The toilet flushed and she waited for him to come back to bed. Instead, he got a pair of jeans from the cupboard and pulled them on, along with a tee-shirt.

Anya gaped at him. “Where the hell d’you think you’re going?”

“Home. I need to think.”

“What d’you need to think about, Christophe?”


She yanked her shirt on and stood in front of him. “Every time I get mad and tell you to leave, you refuse to go. Now, we don’t even have a serious quarrel and you’re running away. What’s wrong with you?”

He slipped both hands in his pockets and wouldn’t look at her. “I have to go.”

Using her hand, she tipped his head so she could see his eyes.

He was in pain.

She didn’t understand what the problem was, but something had gone terribly wrong. She grabbed his arms and spoke softly to him. “Don’t walk out on me now. I don’t know what’s going on with you, or what you think you did, but I need you.”

“I’m sorry, Anya.” He stepped out of her grasp and walked away.

She sank on the bed, rubbing the frown line on her forehead. Would he be all right? Her heart rate went up and she pressed a hand to her chest. Christophe had left, but she needed to check whether he’d locked up.

The lock was engaged and she was alone in the house. She leaned against the front door, feeling as if she’d bought a bus ticket and the driver had dropped her off miles away from her destination.

Her eyes smarted, but she would not cry. While she was sure Christophe’s withdrawal was directly related to her, she sensed there were other factors at play.
If he didn’t want to talk, how could she get to the root of what was eating him?

 photo 59e824c4-9212-448b-9de2-c31e31a3a6ef_zps75626707.jpg
Image of J. L. Campbell
J.L. Campbell is a proud Jamaican, who is always on the hunt for story-making material.

She writes romantic suspense, women's fiction and young adult novels. She is the author of Anya's Wish, Chasing Anya, Contraband, Christine's Odyssey, Dissolution, Distraction, Don't Get Mad...Get Even, Retribution, Saving Sam and Hardware (written under the pen name Jayda McTyson).

Where to find JL Campbell:

Social Media

Goodreads: JL Campbell
Twitter:     @JL_Campbell
Facebook:  JL Campbell
Amazon:    JL Campbell

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Book Review of The Three Kitties That Saved My Life by Michael Meyer


AN UPLIFTING TRUE STORY OF LOVE - from love and loss to love renewed - a feel-good read

Losing loved ones is an awful fact of life; losing one's loving spouse, one's da
y-to-day partner through life, especially in the prime of life, is one of the most unbearable tolls that we humans are forced to endure. This is the true story of my journey from grieving widower, not caring if I lived or died, to the once-again happily married man I am today, a man who both loves and cherishes life. My three kitties have given me a new zest for living.

Equally inspiring and entertaining, my story begins with loss and tears, but it ends with lots of love and laughter. I think that you will find yourself moved by my journey.


The Three Kitties That Saved My LifeThe Three Kitties That Saved My Life by Mike Meyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was recommended this novella by a friend. I am not a big reader of memoirs, or true stories, but this one really touched me.

I started this book knowing that it would be heartbreaking at times, but found this story to be very sweet and funny too. The author has had to endure pain that many people have gone through; the loss of a loved one. I have not had to deal with this yet, but it doesn't stop me from empathizing. Michael's heartbreak over the loss of his first wife, Ciba, is palpable and brought tears to my eyes. The letters he wrote to her are very touching. The antics of Coco reminded me of my own cat, and made me smile because I still miss her even after her death 11 years ago. The introduction of the lovely Kittie, and later Pom Pom, into the family shows that there is hope and love to be found again, even though it may not seem like it at the time. Some people will either find comfort with that, or not. However, I would like to hope that if I ever had to deal with losing a loved one, I would be as emotionally strong as this author. I am very happy for him and his family of 3 kitties, and wish him well.

Michael Meyer is an amazing person. He has poured his heart out and shared his grief and love with the world. It is not the easiest thing to do, but I really admire him for it.

I recommend this book if you have either lost a loved one, or love to read memoirs. - Lynn Worton

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Book Review of Three Days of Rain by Christine Hughes


Just when he thought his life was turning around... Things haven’t been easy for Jacob Morgan. Persecuted by the ghosts of his past, Jake lives each day just going through the motions, barely getting by. Then Lily Burns comes to town and befriends him. As Jake starts to heal, he begins to hope that he has finally overcome the mistakes and tragedies that have tormented him for so long. But just when he thinks his problems are solved, his past comes back to haunt him, and once again, Jake is confronted by situations he is ill-equipped to handle. Can Jake hold on to the progress he has made, or will the lies, guilt, and secrets he’s tried to ignore shove him back into an abyss from which there is no escape?


Three Days of RainThree Days of Rain by Christine Hughes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review 6******

This is a fantastic NA Romance story! I absolutely LOVED it!

Jacob Morgan is a fantastic character. He is a caring, loving man, but he has been hurt very badly by a relationship that was rather toxic. He is struggling to slowly pull his life together, but it's not until he meets Lily Burns that he feels hope for the future. I really liked this character a lot.

Lily Burns is also a fantastic character. She is warm, fun loving and carefree. I liked her very much. I would love to meet and befriend her, but as she is a fictional character, that would be rather difficult!

I had previously read a YA romance by this author, so I knew what her writing style was like. However, I was totally unprepared for the emotional roller coaster I would be in for. I had read some of the other reviews, but I thought I would be able to "tough it out". Nope, I was a total emotional wreck! The story starts off slowly, but as more of Jake's past is revealed in a series of flashbacks, I fell in love with Jake myself! I cannot understand what Jake saw in Maddie, as she was totally selfish and self serving. Jake is not perfect himself, but he didn't deserve to be treated in that way. However, I was glad for him when he met Lily; he deserved some happiness. The story is told mostly from both Jake's and Lily's points of view, which gives the reader the opportunity to get to know their thoughts and feelings, but some of the other characters have a say too; they all came alive on the page. The author states that this book is a work of fiction, but it felt like a true story. The events in the tale have a very lifelike quality to them. It is a good thing I keep a supply of tissues handy for my hayfever, because I needed to use more than a couple! There are some very touching scenes that had me in tears more than once and, although I didn't want to put the book down, I had to stop to mop them up! There are also a few twists that surprised me, but there is a big one near the end that nearly gave me a heart attack and left me reeling in shock! This book is an amazing and heartbreaking tale of love and tragedy that tugged on my heartstrings, and will stay with me for some time to come.

Christine Hughes has written a fantastic story that has touched me deeply! I love her ability to bring the characters to life on the page. I think this could be a great TV movie, given the opportunity. I eagerly look forward to reading more books by this author in the future.

Although there are scenes of a sensual nature, they are not explicit. I highly recommend this book if you love contemporary romance. - Lynn Worton

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Book Review of Murder & Single Malt by Mark Anderson Esq.


Mike and his car appear to match a description given to police from a recent crime scene. The murder of two young women. He's taken into custody for further questioning. The worst possible outcome for a sloppy serial killer. Alcohol and depression, the perfect ingredients for a killing rampage the likes of which the sleepy town of Mainberry has never seen. Can the police put the pieces together in time or will Mike be forced to keep killing. As the police try to sort the lies from the truth, Mike must sift through the madness (butchering the homeless), the paranoia (slaying his former boss) and the violence (torturing Sally's new boyfriend). ### Murder & Single Malt is the debut novel of Mark Anderson Esquire. A psychological thriller fueled by mayhem, violence and a love for fine whiskey.


Murder & Single MaltMurder & Single Malt by Mark Anderson Esquire
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Mike Baker is a really interesting character. He is most assuredly a killer a la Dexter, but I just couldn't figure out whether the author wanted the reader to like him or hate him. Unfortunately, I found myself being a bit amused/disgusted (depending on the scene) by him. He is a psychopath with no idea why he is the way he is.

The story was quite intriguing; I found myself engrossed in the tale. It reads a bit like a memoir with several flashbacks. There are several scenes of violence that made me grimace, but there were also some scenes that were a little bit unbelievable. I, for one, also couldn't believe that the police in Mainberry were so clueless about the number of crimes perpetrated by Mike in such a short period of time; the sheer volume of murders in a town would have been noticed pretty quickly! Nevertheless, I did enjoy the story, even with the few inconsistencies. I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of horror, although I am a fan of psychological thrillers. This story was a mixture of both and an entertaining read. I am looking forward to seeing what other stories this author comes up with.

This is Mark Anderson's debut novel. I found his writing to be fast paced and enjoyable, but he needs to pay more attention towards the small details.

I do not recommend this book to younger readers due to the violence, but I recommend this book if you love psychological thriller or horror genres. - Lynn Worton

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Mike Meyer and his book The Three Kitties That Saved My Life

Mike Meyer and his book The Three Kitties That Saved My Life

AN UPLIFTING TRUE STORY OF LOVE - from love and loss to love renewed - a feel-good read

Losing loved ones is an awful fact of life; losing one's loving spouse, one's day-to-day partner through life, especially in the prime of life, is one of the most unbearable tolls that we humans are forced to endure. This is the true story of my journey from grieving widower, not caring if I lived or died, to the once-again happily married man I am today, a man who both loves and cherishes life. My three kitties have given me a new zest for living.

Equally inspiring and entertaining, my story begins with loss and tears, but it ends with lots of love and laughter. I think that you will find yourself moved by my journey.


It is amazing how time helps. In time, I have learned to overcome my own albatross. I have learned to live again, to love again. Life is a gift reads a plaque on our dining room wall, and that sums up what I have gained from the three kitties that saved my life. From Coco, I learned to care again. From Kitty, I learned to love again. From Pom Pom, I have learned how to cope with my own demons, the effects of aging being one of these. Pom Pom has taught me to accept what is and then to move onward. Yes, I have learned plenty from my three kitties.

My journey has been a long one, a difficult one at times, but it has a happy ending. The three kitties in my life have made it so. They have all helped me to become the happy-to-be-alive man that I am today. I now accept rather than cope. I live each day to the fullest, knowing full well that life is a gift, and a very precious one at that. I look back on my life and I often think that I must be the luckiest man in the world. I have so much to be thankful for. The wonderment and beauty of life are both so dear to me.

And, to add a delicious icing to the lovely taste of my life, I can say with total honesty to the whole world, my voice booming into the sky, my dancing feet not caring in the least who might see me, that I have been very fortunate to have done something that brings more sheer delight and wonderful pride to me than anything else that I have accomplished in my life: I have fallen madly, heads-over-heels in love not once, but twice, and how many others can say that?

Thank you, Kitty!

What some of the reviewers have to say:

Denise Jones wrote

This is like drinking tea and honey on a cold day. The story warms you up, it is written in such a comfortable and conversational style that the tea analogy is ever more appropriate. It felt as if I were listening to a new friend telling me how his life came together after a great personal loss. The kitties, the fur-balls steal the show. This is truly a read I would recommend to everybody! A 4.5*read.

Lauren Alumbaugh wrote

Really great book that will lift your spirits. Even after a major tragedy, life goes on. I love that throughout this whole book you are reminded to look for the positive in life. I have to say I now want another cat! Perfect read if you need to be reminded to look up in life and smile, everything will work out.

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