Friday, October 05, 2012

October In Pretoria, needs to be a feast!

It is Oct in Pretoria, turning my entire town purple, since this is my favourite month, we are celebrating it with a giveaway.  A October Fest giveaway.  Now who has a beer?

What can you win?
Well author Gillian Joy is donating :

Two ecopy sets of

Now this is cool hey, want to know more, go follow these Amazon links:

Author Paulette Mahurin is gifting two ecopies of;

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Author Bonnie Bernard is offering two sets of;


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Author Mike Faricy is donating two ecopies of his newest release;

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Author De Ann Townes Jr is donating 10 ecopies of;

Author Aneesa Price is offering 1 X Print copy, signed.  Ecopy of Coffing Girls with swag as a second prize and a ecopy of Finding Promise as prize 3.

Follow these links to Amazon to learn more;

Angie Edwards is donating a Kindle book of her choice to the value of $5 or less, here is her page link
Author Duncan McGonall is donating two copies of
For more information, follow this link. 

Author Stacey Rourke is gifting four ecopies of;

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Author Nicola Palmer is donating
6 ecopies of

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Author Janeira Eldridge is donating
Two ecopies...

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And finally author Charmaine Pauls is donating

To learn more follow this link on Amazon 

Now enter here

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  1. What a fantastic collection of prizes! An amazing group of Authors and genre that is sure to make any winner happy! I can't believe how many chances there are and how generous the Authors have been! They truly are a great group of people! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Thank you all for contributing to this wonderful giveaway!

  3. Thank you to all of the authors for their donations to this awesome giveaway.

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful give away :)

  5. What a wonderful giveaway! A huge thank you to all the amazing authors who donated their works of art... their novels.

  6. Such a fabulous giveaway! Thank you to all the authors for their generosity. It is much appreciated!! :D (Angie Edwards)

  7. Thank you and the authors for such a fantastic giveaway!

  8. Thank you for the giveaway! Books are such a precious gift to us readers. It's wonderful to be able to share so freely with the book-loving community.

  9. Thank you for an awesome giveaway! You all rock <3

  10. This is such an awesome giveaway, Thankyou to you and all the wonderful authors involved, x x

  11. Thanks for the giveaway and thank you to all those authors donating the books..they all look so good.

  12. Thank you all for contributing to this wonderful giveaway!

    1. Thank you all for replyeing, and thanking the authors. They seriously deserve a thank you for all they do. Have fun and keep the comments coming

  13. Thank you and all the wonderful authors for their donation!!!
    Demitra Giote

  14. Thank u everybody who donated. This is an awesome giveaway!!

  15. OOOhhhhh.... I want I want!!! What a great group of goodies!

  16. Oooo... This looks like it's going to be Absoluta Fabuloso!!! I am so excited that you ask me to contribute and donate, sonrisa....gracias for inviting me to do so...

  17. What an incredible offering of treats!!! no tricks here ;) Thank you so much for this overwhelmingly generous giveaway opportunity!

  18. Thanks to all the generous authors for their great donations to this giveaway!

  19. Thank you to all the wonderful participating authors for your donation to this amazing giveaway!

  20. Thank you all for your generosity! You are greatly appreciated by so many!

  21. Thank you for this wonderful comp

  22. Wow looks a book lovers dream! Thanks so much!

  23. Thank u to each of the authors who so graciously donated to the giveaway. it is an honor to read your work .