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M.C.V. Egan (Maria Catalina Vergara Egan) is the author of The Bridge of Deaths


M.C.V. Egan (Maria Catalina Vergara Egan) is the author of The Bridge of Deaths.

The story came about through a lifelong obsession to solve the MYSTERY of her maternal grandfather's death in faraway Denmark.

Her grandfather died on August 15th, 1939 in a passenger airplane with a small group of men; all of whom left an interesting trail of doubt as to who they really were. This was two weeks before Hitler invaded Poland and the world plunged into WWII.
The research for this took M.C.V. Egan to various countries, through the unusual world of psychics, to a Peruvian Shaman and past life regressions.
She lives in South Florida with her Husband, Tom Egan; credited with the cover photo, their teenage son and five pound Chihuahua.
Peace is her passion, writing and reading her life and many other creative outlets fill her days.

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So what is her book about?

The Bridge of Deaths is a love story and a mystery. Fictional characters travel through the world of past life regressions and information acquired from psychics as well as Archives and historical sources to solve “One of those mysteries that never get solved”. Based on true events and real people it is the culmination of 18 years of sifting through sources and finding a way to help the reader feel that he /she is also sifting through data and forming their own conclusions. The journey takes the reader to well known and little known events leading up to the Second World War, both in Europe and America. The journey also takes the reader to the possibility of finding oneself in this lifetime by exploring past lives.

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So Mcv Egan wrote this book

Book Description
Publication Date: June 15, 2011
On August 15th 1939, at the brink of World War II, an English plane crashed and sunk in Danish waters. Five deaths were reported: two Standard Oil of New Jersey employees, a German Corporate Lawyer, an English member of Parliament, and a crew member for the airline. Here is a conceivable version of the events.

Her book has 
43 5* reviews on Amazon and a total of 77 reviews.

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