Friday, October 18, 2013

Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall!

Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall

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Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall

Ok so this book, being everything I normally dislike is an attribute to the authors ability to write.
I do not like sexy or hot reads.  This is one.

I never figured that Alice will grow up someday and that the Mad Hatter would be her ultimate mate.  In this story it is. 

I must say, thinking of Alice in Wonderland I always think of a little girl not a grown woman.  I think of the legend behind the story that it is a warning of evil that lurks in mirrors etc. 

So when the story began my delight in reading it came as a total surprise.  The premise is fresh and new for me, the love story is written with enough tension to run a turbine off. 

The world building is well enough done that I was constantly reminded of the first story while fresh enough that I could see the world through the eyes of a grown up Alice.  The bad boy scenes with the fairy god mother etc was both funny and new.  

And Hatter…well I hate it when an author writes a story where the reader is forced to fall in love with a character as much as the other main protagonist is based on 
assumption.  That does not happen here.  The author writes these characters in such a manner that the reader gets invested and the rest as they say is history. 


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