Thursday, October 03, 2013

Outback Fear by Suzanne Brandyn

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Here is why I think you should get a copy...

Outback Fear by Suzanne Brandyn

This is a fun fast read of a strong woman who makes tough choices to ensure her child's safety.
Set in the Australian outback she encounters a dashing neighbor.  A Jackaroo with deep brown eyes who might be involved in a bank robbery and her husband is looking for her and Amy.
So starts a story of twists and turns.  Of a mother trying to start anew and to make sure her child is safe.
The Outback itself has secrets of its own.  When left to die in a deserted area with no water she has to will herself to fight the good fight of survival to see her little girl again.  Her husband however has other ideas. 
Can her neighbor save her?
Filled with twists and turns this is a very entertaining read. I have only one critique. The third instance where she faced a life or death situation, for me as a reader was one too many.  After almost being hanged I felt sated with her as being an exceptional woman and the next scene was simply too much for me.  This will probably not be true for other readers.  It is only my opinion.  I felt the story rushed from one breath of terror to a next once that scene started. 

All in all.  A really good read.  One I am not sad I spend time on.


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