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The One ((book 6 in|)- The Species Intervention (6609) series by J K Accinni

The One ((book 6 in|)- The Species Intervention (6609) series by J K Accinni

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The One ((book 6 in|)- The Species Intervention (6609) series by J K Accinni

Book Description

Publication Date: Oct 7 2013

Almost a hundred years pass. The Earth is ready for habitation. But it is a far different Earth from the one last seen so long ago. New plants and forms of wildlife from different worlds populate the planet, as chosen by the Womb.

The survivors, as expected, have not aged a day since the bombs dropped. New alliances have been made; relationships that should have led to the birth of children flourish unhappily without babies. The original wildlife is still with them, along with their generations of offspring. Every human now realizes their role is to support the animals.

And what of poor six-year-old Suzy as she is mourned and forgotten by her grandfather and sister?

Scotty is hailed as The One to restore domination by the humans, even as they all fail to understand how. Struggles ensue as the survivors discover the perils of the new and amazing life delivered to the planet by the Womb. They fight to eke out a role in the new ecosystem that has put them at the bottom of the food chain.

As the survivors begin to develop a new civilization for themselves above ground; the new natural order thrusts women into positions of power. Will the softer of the species spell success for what is left of the human race? Or are the mistakes of the past doomed to be repeated?

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My review

The last book in the series for me is a bitter-sweet departure.  I loved this world, some of the characters and loved to hate other characters.  Being an ardent believer in Wildlife preservation and active in many causes regarding said preservation this has been a series close to my heart from the get go.
In this, the last of the series I am once again reminded how we as humans are messing up this gift of a planet we inhabit.  Being on top of the food chain is something we are truly not worthy off. 

On that note, I cannot relay the basic story line of the book since every sentence in this book is one that holds an answer, a plot twist, an ending, a beginning a spoiler.

The author held nothing back in the series and the same is true for this last book.  Showing the reader the best of and the worse of the human race spanning several hundreds of years and including a cast of characters that made me sit up and take notice.  Each character has an integral role and each character has a voice all its own.  This is true for the animals and the planet as a whole.  Nowhere in this book will you find a Mary-Sue or a Marty for that matter.  The characters that seem to be too good to be true usually are exactly that.  So trust nobody. 

I am back at the start.  The bittersweet part.  I am glad my questions have been answered but sad that one of my favorite all time series have come to an end. 

In the One all unanswered questions raised in previous books is answered.  No good and fairy tale ending for this book.  Evil is present as is good.  Who will step away as victors? Will humans get a second chance?

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