Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Vodacom. I am not a Nigerian!!! I do not run 419 scams. I am NOT that bored.

Why oh why is it that nobody cares?
Yes today is a rant.

So today. I am ranting over customer service in South Africa
First off, you the poor reader need to know a few things.
1st off.  We have 3 main internet/cellular phone carriers. 
I am on the most popular one of the three.  Vodacom.
You need to know that we have a "watchdog" for customer services.  This is called Hellopeter and this group is utterly amazing.  Not only can you raise concerns or queries or rants, what makes this service truly amazing is that you can also give a name of a person / branch etc whose service is above and beyond the norm.  I love the fact that we can give compliments where it is due as well.
Now you need to know a few more things.  Vodacom hardly ever responds to complaints logged on HelloPeter.  Never to any persons satisfaction as far as I can tell.
Vodacom is my cellular data carrier. My internet data carrier etc.  So without them…. no more books and no more reviews. 

So since yesterday evening I have been hacked by a Nigerian.  He sends out -- I don’t know how many emails from my email address.  I noticed it when I received delivery notice information in the hundreds.  Meaning my cellular phone battery cannot keep up with notifications that runs into the 100's now. 
So I did what everybody would do.  You see, you need to know this as well.  Identity theft, credit card and email hacking has one thing in common.  Somebody gives out your personal information.  Somebody on the inside.  These Nigerian 419 scam operators are brilliant and can hack your pin/password etc.  They are also busy.  So they are smart enough to pay off somebody on the inside to give the said pins/ passwords etc to them. 

So back to me doing something apart complain to you here…. I send an email to the service provider after changing my password.  Changing my password had as little effect as my email.  No response.  No action. 
So I have to wonder….in a world where money is supposed to be scarce… where a business is made and broken on their name and the reputation it has. Why is it so obvious that big business don’t mind all their email accounts being marked internationally as spam? Do they have that much money? And as for me and the money involved in that type of mass email…. if they don’t even reply to an email will they look into that? Obviously not. 

They care as little as that as for the fact that if you don’t phone enough within a month they simply withdraw a part of the funds you have accrued in your account.  So say for instance you pay R149 a month.  Don’t use it all, after a few months you now have R852.  They say that according to the contract you signed you need to forfeit the difference between the allowed R652 that you may accrue and the R852 you have paid for that is in your account… why? What will I do with MY money that they feel obliged to take that R200? I have no idea. 

And I am convinced they have some really good reason that is explained is such a way that the person that is being robbed from legitimate funds is as clueless after the explanation as am I who is now apparently Mr. Dr. Simon and YOU, yes YOU, have a dead relative and I CAN AND WILL pay you all but taxes and 10% of the finder fee.  Look forward to my VODACOM email soon.

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