Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seventeen - XVII Book One by Mark D. Diehl

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Seventeen: Book One (Vol 1) by Mark D. Diehl

I received a copy for review from Netgalley

A dystopian book with a twist. Nobody in this story wins.
No utopia for some and dystopia for others.

Some may think they are better off but they are not. Being a free thinking person in this world is dangerous, deadly even.

So comes together a group of rag tag survivors with a prophet, a Samurai inhabiting somebody else's body and a General who is or used to be a waitress.

I loved the fact that this group knows that change is needed but is not sure what type of change they would like to affect.
For now... not living the way they do seems like a win-win. Those on the other side of the coin, those not living in the zone is possibly even worse off, and Doc, a black man where color has erased, he might know the direction of change but not even he knows what Cal etc needs to do to get to their goal.

Where survival is the same thing as war this is a world that has come alive for me and I loved to turn each and every page.

Not a huge fan of a cliff hanger ending I loved this ending. The war had just begun


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