Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger games book 1 by Suzanne Collins
This is not a review, this is a blog post.
Cause.  Think on it, we had a very famous and popular reality TV show called Survivor.  People are pitted against circumstances, elements and each other to try and secure money.  Sound familiar? It should The Amazing race etc has the exact same recipe. 
So I watched more than one series in the beginning, I simply could not get pass the parts where some or other idiot would toss away the only fresh water they had, spoil food on principle etc.  I kept talking to the TV as if it would respond, saying WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?
Then SA got their own Survivor… fun, NO.  Almost all could start a fire, catch and clean fish, hunt, set traps, build etc…  So WHY do I say it was not fun? Because if you take away the elements, the need to survive you have a Hitlertarian theme of elimination not by the fittest but by the most sly and the most manipulative.  That is when I got my glimpse into how utterly deprived Survivor etc really are.
Now this is relevant, so stay with me.  In Africa the Chinese is obtaining mass amounts of forested land.  Legally and illegally.  The then deforested areas, use the wood (only some parts of of it) to make sticks, put it into airtight containers and leave it on massive crates on ships at sea within Int waters.
A 2nd grader should be able to tell you, deforestation causes shortage.  So why deforest and store due to a projected loss of items and cause such projection to manifest?
The Hunger games, people pitted against the elements, circumstances and each other, not for money, but for their lives.  See where I am going…
So The Hunger games is a good book, expertly written, the movie was smashing, why am I rambling.  Think on it. 
We live in a society where the good of the one always comes before the good of the many. 
We live in a society where we would rather vote for America's next idol than the next president. 
We live in a society where, on social media sites people will make daily if not hourly postings of how fed up they are with posts about political causes on their wall's apparently never realizing that those posts gets annoying as well.
In short we live in a society where it is socially acceptable to fight for numero uno no matter the cost.
We live in a society where the powers that be, much like in The Hunger Games play on fear and ignorance.
We live in a society where questioning the status qou is repressed to such a degree, that we no longer wonder what deforestation in Africa will mean to the world.  Where children killing each other are only a small step removed from popular TV programs and where nobody asks WHY?  I am sure I will not survive The Hunger Games.  I am however convinced that if you do not think you are being manipulated or even worse, that you can't beat the system, then I need to ask you respectfully not to enter the reaping. 
Why? Because I think an unfair fight is that, unfair.  And I think you have bought the party line, live your life to the fullest, nothing else matters.


  1. Well written and excellent point. We need more voices like this in the world to be spoken and heard. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment Paulette!


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