Friday, October 26, 2012

Helloween by Sanamantha By Combs

Samantha Combs, Author
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The review
Eat at Joe's
Rey's dream was about to be closed down, his restaurant lost its allure or was it Rey that lost his passion? But a stop at a knives shop changes all of that, it changes Rey and it will change the way you look at Pasta sauce forever. 
A great little horror and one I loved partly due for the shock value and partly because I love to prepare food, not the way Rey does...
Demon in the GPS
Well now, it is in black and white a GPS is an evil thing! I knew it and am now vindicated. Oh wait, it helped…
No it is evil.  I tell you I get lost a lot, and never more so than with a GPS.  It is evil…
Skin Deep
Eek, ok, this is a twist and turny little snapper, Dolly is vain, so is most women, but when vanity becomes an obsession, it turns to death.  How far would you go to appear forever young?
Imaginary friend
No matter how much people try to convince me of the innocence of imaginary friends I never belief them, I remember my own far too well, If you don’t believe me, read this story, then smile next time your daughter says she did not break that window, it was Dora…
New Neighbors
Ok, now I am really glad we don’t have white picket fences in South Africa, or at least not many of them.  My neighbors can stay where they are and I will keep to myself thank you very much. But if I should need them, then maybe, no, I won't. I don’t need this type of HELP. 
The Serial Killers Wife
The title says it all, this and the Demon in the GPS is by and large my favorite stories in this Anthology. 
The entire Anthology is approximately 86 pages of terror, horror and fun, I would recommend this as Halloween read to all horror lovers, and should you not have the time to read it with Halloween around the corner, fear not the stories are truly timeless.
A 5 * read for sure. 

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