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Restoration by Elaine D Walsh


Restoration by Elaine D Walsh


With a signed death warrant and final appeals running out, Tess Olsen anticipates the execution of the man her mother deserted her family for thirteen years ago. Randall Wright s death will expel his disturbing legacy and return her mother to her; it s as simple as that, or so she believes. But Wright robbed her life of more than just her mother and like a splinter slowly and painfully working its way to the surface, those stolen pieces begin emerging.

Working as an art conservator in New York City, Tess keeps an emotional distance from co-workers. She has no close ties since isolating herself during her teen years when the tale of Wright s crimes, trial, and marriage to her mother was published in a Pulitzer Prize winning article. She yearns for the family she had and is unable to accept who they are now.

Tess is dating Ben Elliot, an art critic for the New York Times. The relationship both intrigues and unnerves her. Unlike men she s dated in the past, he is more interested in her than her physical attributes and any sex she can offer. Although drawn to Ben, she is more comfortable with men like Kenyon LeMere, a brazen artist Ben introduces her to who has a reputation for translating his sexual liaisons into art.

Restoration chronicles Tess Olsen s challenge to restore her life, relationships, and dreams back to the promise they held before Randal Wright


This book's blurb had me fascinated.  What happens when your mother leaves you and her husband to marry a killer on death road?
Well I don’t know.  Hope never to find out.  Some people do however and I felt that the author did an exceptional job with sharing some issues that might originate from this.  Our main protagonist Tess is however a complicated creature and I at times wanted to shake her and tell her to wise up.  At other times I figured, yeah, I guess that would be my response as well.
An interesting read that is a fact. 
One more feather in the authors cap, this is an easy read and with such a topic I was surprised to find me moving through the book at the speed I was.  The author never over complicates.  Her pace is fast and her world building is well done. 
All in all, the highest compliment I can give to an author is this…. I will read other work by this author and really hope I get an opportunity to do that sometime soon. 

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