Monday, December 05, 2011

LS The Beginning by Kelvin O'Ralph

LS The Beginning an e-book by Kelvin O'Ralph.

What a sweet whimsical book. This is an old fashioned love story the likes
of which I have not read in years. Its also a paranormal YA / New Adult
read. Although the two main characters Stephen and Lisa have super powers.
The one commands over fire the other ice. It is the love story that mostly
sticks with me.

The writing is excellent. Pacing is fine and the author goes through a lot
of trouble building character. The book is written from a male point of
view. You read the story and experience everything through the eyes of
Stephen. That is the one thing that gave me pause. I stopped reading the
book because something bothered me and made me feel uncomfortable while
reading. At one stage I gave up reading the book for two days. When I
returned to the book I realised what exactly it was that I found so hard to
read. It had nothing to do with the male point of view. Instead it had to do
with the respect Stephen and by proxy Kelvin shows to all females.

I know we all are told we are worth it. But somehow reading how much respect
Stephen has for females, from his mother to Lisa and several other strangers
and friends in between caught me unawares. Once I realised that I had
trouble reading a book due to the fact that the male lead has so much
respect for woman gave me several moments of pause. But I picked up the
story where I left it and continued together with Kelvin and Stephen and
Lisa in a journey into the unknown.

At the end of the book you know a few things.
Lisa and Stephen have super powers and they are not alone.
Lisa's life is in danger through a threat posed by another male who also has
super powers.
The books name LS the Beginning is not explained. LS is something that will
become apparent only in the third book in the series.
Stephen will do anything for Lisa.
Men believe in true love and some men show their respect for women.

I loved the fact that by the end of the book no real answers has come forth.
Questions has been asked and certain story lines have come to a conclusion
but in such a manner that you feel comfortable is finishing the book whilst
looking forward to the next book in search of answers.

I really enjoyed the book after I got over my own preconceived notions and
feel I owe the author a word of thanks. It is seldom that a fictional tale
has served to broaden my mental horizons. Thanks Kelvin - because we are
worth it!

I give this book a 5 out of 5 rating

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