Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Forced Intelligence by JH Glaze

What if we could boost the intelligence of humans through a process of brain stimulation using frequencies close to those of the average mobile phone?

Doctors Connor and Shafer have been working for years to perfect the treatment, but on the day of the experiment, a careless lab technician makes a mistake that jeopardizes the lives of everyone in the facility.

With the military closing in, the clock is ticking, and when their time runs out...

A fast paced short story from JH Glaze

This is a short story written by JH Glaze. The crux of the story is this: Smart people, in genius range, work in a government funded lab on experiments that may or may not have military application!

Alex, the main character is a nice and decent man. He does not mistreat his subject matters or his colleagues. But being decent does not mean he is safe! An experiment in the lab goes disastrously wrong and .... Well it is only forty pages long. I'm not going to rehash the story here. It is, however, dark and deeply disturbing. Why? Because it is all about human nature. And with that comes a very dark and predictable ending. But the fact that it is so very predictable is the crux of the story. We know how these things go!

The one thing I'm getting to appreciate about Jeff, as an author, is that he does not underestimate the intelligence of his readers. He leads you down the path to the bridge. If you wish to cross it - so be it!

Since it is a short story and you can literally use it to fill the time between coffee breaks I would recommend you to read it. The last two pages, as predictable as it was had me wiping away a tear. Who am I kidding. Several tears.

If you like dark and twisted, if you are only human, read this. It makes you reassess an age old truth - We are the superior race because our intelligence gives us the power to reason! Heaven help us.

I give this book a 5/5 star rating. Sensitive readers should think before they read this book. For the rest of us, we should try and learn to think before we do.....

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Check it out! This is one amazing author.

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