Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A graphic novel review!

Well, I like challenges, I read a poetry book, which is not a genre I understand to say nothing about being able to review.  Then I received this book for review and went oh-ooh.  Now what.  I know nothing about GN and even less of what a review of one should look like.  But, I promised so I started on it.  In the beginning I was trying to decide what the graphics looked like, having nothing to compare it with etc.  Later on I started liking the strong moral theme of the story and somewhere beyond 50 pages in, I forgot I was reading this for review, I forgot it was a graphic novel and yes, at the end I cried like a little baby.  The story is what got me hooked, got me paging, kept me glued and made me cry.  This is a story of four boys, very unlikely friends that came together because of their love of music.  It is about boys whose parents need and is trying to accept that they are growing up and tries to encourage them once they understand.  It is a story about friendships formed, love found and profound loss.  Oh and it happens to have pictures in it.  I have no idea who would not like this book, so I am recommending it as a must read to all the people who read this review.  I can't do anything but give this a five star review. 

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