Monday, December 22, 2014

The real Oxford Comma, well for now....

So let me introduce you to something new for me. For the next few months, possibly years Duncan McGonall and I will write a weekly-ish 500-word blog post on practical, effective writing. Duncan will focus more on the technical aspects while I myself will focus on—well stuff from the reader’s prospective. We welcome any guest posts and comments on the blog. By the end of 2015 we plan to put these posts in a nice little book on Amazon. So we can make tons of money and possibly help an author or two. 

Our main objective is to keep these posts as practical as possible. 

So if you’d like to weigh-in, and we hope you’d like to, keep posts under 500 words if possible. 

We want this to be as interactive as a seminar on the topic. Topic—Discussion—Discovery, repeat—the online version of Socratic method. We all learn, and if not us now, then those behind us who are now where we once were wondering what they are doing wrong or so headstrong they can’t see it. What do you wish someone had told you or that you had listened when they did? 

So once every two weeks I’ll be posting a little something on my blog. The same post will also be cross-populated to Duncan’s blog. The next week, Duncan will post something, also on both blogs. Our hope is that you would like to contribute, raise differing viewpoints. We want to keep it practical under academic decorum. We’ll respond to those questions or points that are particularly well posed and made. So why are we actually doing this? Why would you? For the money, naturally. If we use your post in the book, we’ll cite you, if we have your name. Credit where it’s due. 

I want to retire to promote all of your books full time and word on the street is Duncan wants to retire to become an international man of mystery, and apparently that is quite an expensive hobby. The first post is titled; Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. I wrote it. Stop laughing. 

Click on the pic to go to our FB page and see a bit more about what we are all about.  

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