Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tour through Blogland, as nominated by MCV Egan

Hello all you lovely people.  I am so far behind on review writing, reading and blogging that I wonder If I will ever catch up.  I have been nominated to be part of the Tour Through Blogland by MCV Egan

A click on the pic of her first book will take you to her blog.  

So in turn I tagged Helen Christmas and Wendy Steele.  

A click on this pic will take you to the sweet Mrs Steele's blog.  

and last but not least....
Helen Christmas

Click on the pic to take you to her blog.

So part of this fun game is to get every body to hop all over the place to go and read more about what us authors are up to.  In my case, I have a list.  I have a book set to be published on the 28th....

Click on the pick to pick up your pre order copy today.

I am doing two on line courses.  I am working like a mad woman at work with no end in sight.  Really, no end in sight.  

I am falling behind on everything I do, really, and I am loving it for it keeps me out of trouble and keeps me occupied.  

I wonder if I had real babies in stead of furbabies if I would be able to be involved in so much, do so much, be so much as I am now.  I doubt it but then I see woman like me doing more daily, being more daily, growing more daily and still be brilliant parents. 

Here is what Catalina made for me
for my book release

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