Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Raebeth Buda!

This book, for me as a reader was emotionally taxing and exhausting. Amber, our leading lady drove me nuts. The degree of her self involvement in the first half of this book was staggering and Landon. The long suffering boyfriend needed a medal in my opinion for sticking it out with her.

Even her parents is not spared her razor sharp tongue. I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and scream at her WAKE UP BUTTERCUP. Life gets far worse than this.


All the while during the first half of this book I was reading Ambers's story and having a mental conversation with every ex I ever had. I kept saying, boyo. You thought and told me I was high maintenance. You need to meet Amber. The scene of the funeral had me gaping. I mean you get rude then you get Amber. I was horrified and actually embarrassed on behalf of Amber.

Then at almost exactly the 50 % mark of the book Amber gets up and shapes up. This was the fun part.
Every time she relapsed I was basically screaming at her - come on girl. You can do it!  Come on. Don't get sucked in by this slip up.
And Amber did not. It was not an easy journey for her but it was a fight worth fighting.

And like magic the Amber I was so disgusted with turned into a woman with not simply a nasty attitude masquerading as strength of character but a true lady with a purpose, a plan. A future. I adored this.

As for the writing. This author has grown so much since her debut novel I am in awe. No longer do you find that stop-and-go writing style of book I but instead you have a constant ebb and flow making the reading in general a much smoother experience. In this book far more characters gets introduced and the characters previously introduced in book one gets much more flesh added and the effect on the story line is immediate and impressive.

This book has more than only a few vital themes that makes it a must read. It explores the act of cutting as a coping mechanism in all its dark gruesome truth. The author never backs down, never glosses over it. Never makes it other than it is. Even the "accidental" overdose of a best friend is out for the world to see but not judge.

I think all mothers of YA daughters (and sons) should read this series before giving the copy to their children to read.

I still have a love hate relationship with Amber but now it is set against a new deep and profound sense of respect.

Note this is Christian lit so please, if Christian lit offends you be warned. This is not a "preachy" type of read but one of Truth and practical living as a saved human.


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  1. Thank you.💕 I love that you enjoyed Silenced: The Overtaking. I have shared your post with my readers on my page.