Monday, August 31, 2015

The second who's who in Wanda's amazing Amazon Reviewers - William Springer

Soooooo if you do not know 'bout now I don plenty a hat.  One of them is running a free review group is the facebook link, and please, we really need new reviewers, so if you have an active Amazon account join us now.  If you are an author and willing to give and support other authors then you are welcome as well.  Oh the link.  Duh, here yah go.!/groups/328607697211329/

So last week I introduced you to Autumn Nauling.  A reader, a mom, superwoman sometimes with a cape. 

This week I am bringing you Jerry Springer.  Nah not really, this guy is way cooler.  I am bringing you William Springer.  A reviewer. 
Oh and this is what he looks like, cause I know you wanna know.

No I have read his reviews.  This guy is good.  But do not expect a smile and a nod, his service is as much to the reading public as to the author and I love his reviews for that.

Now I tried to follow this mans amazing blog but I failed so I shared on Google.  Tweeted about it and shared on FB.  Why dont you do the same..... where do I find his blog I hear you ask...well follow this 

Now he reads and reviews for free, but this is a man of many a talent.

Why see, he also does

Yes he does paid graphic design. 

So here is a one stop multi faceted man you want to get to know better.  He can design your web page and review your book for you.  All in one.  So favour his sites and support our own. 

Go forth and prosper my Vulcanites. 

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