Monday, February 08, 2016

By Angela Yuriko Smith - The Literary Lizard

About the book
A good book opens doors, as one little lizard discovers. He escapes his cage after learning to read, and goes on the hunt for new words. Next time you're at the library, keep an eye out amongst the shelves for a lizard reading about dragons. Everyone loves a good book, even little, green lizards.
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My review
Ok so I have done a few of these and the rule of thumb is children is very easily impressed with a pic on every page.  I remember I had several books on fairy tales when I was a wee one but the book that got read until it fell apart was not the one with the best stories, or best told stories, it was the one with the most eye catching pics.
So this book has some amazing illustrations in it.  Simple, eye catching etc.  Everything it should be but it is the story that stole my heart.  Awh.  What a sweet little library card carrying lizard and what a great inspiration to us all.
Loved this.
WaAr rrg

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