Monday, March 07, 2016

What happens when you can no longer trust your hero?

Ok.  Lemme start from the start.  This book. the only reason I got a copy was due to the fact that SK said this book scared him. 
He is either far more delicate than me or I am as hard as a rock for nothing in this story was at all scary.
I actually think the book should get a higher rating than my 3*.  But due to my disappointment I turned out not loving this book at all.
Here is the cover.
Ok.  I liked the process that takes place in this book but it is not scary.  At all.  Actually, I loved the perspective of a 8 year old and that made the book worth reading not all the other things that went on. 
Not saying the other things were not entertaining but they were rather been-there-done-thatish.
Reading all this from a little girls perspective was a stroke of genius.
It made a very ordinary book a very good read in the end but if you expect this to keep you up at night you need to read it in a real haunted house. 

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