Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sale special for books by Gillian Joy

Hey readers.  Today I bring you a promotion.

We have two of the three books in the Guardian Series by Gillian Joy on sale on Amazon.

So incase you forgot here is book one.

If you click on the pic above you can pick up this book for only $.99 on Amazon right now.
Book two is not currently on sale but is so worth the full price of only $2.99
Here is the pic and the link for book two.  If you want you can click on Amazon here to purchase the book or the pic.  Life is all about choices. 
Book three, the final in the series is also on sale on Amazon right now.  Only $.99 and you can thus own the entire series for less than $5.  Amazon here has the one click button we all love to hate. 
Go ahead.  You know you want this series for your very own... What is it about.  Love, vampires, lust, Angels, betrayel, Nephilim, trust, Shifters, family.  To learn more follow this link  - Amazon

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