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Book Review of Razel Dazzle by Elizabeth Morgan

Book Title: Razel Dazzle
Genre: Erotica/Contemporary Romance
Pages: 134
Author:  Elizabeth Morgan
Date Published: 8 November 2013


Razel Dazzle, a modern twist on a long haired tale....

Will she let down her hair for the man of her fantasies?

Famous for her long, golden hair and beaming smile, Razel D'Punz is the hottest model in the industry. But although most women would kill to get ahead in this profession, Razel lives an isolated life; one she has learnt to accept...until she meets Matthew Prince, a new photographer in the business.

Refusing to let her mother/agent's strict rules stop her from spending time with the man of her fantasies, Razel quickly discovers that one night with Matthew isn't enough....

And neither is the life she is chained to. Something will have to change if she is ever to get her very own Happily Ever After.

This title contains explicit language and graphic sex.


Razel DazzleRazel Dazzle by Elizabeth Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a short, modern, sexy retelling of Rapunzel. Having read a few of this author's books in the past, I decided to give this novella a try. I really enjoyed it.

Razel D'Punz is a likable character. I admired her silent rebelling against a very domineering mother/agent. She is one of the top models in the world and is in high demand. Unfortunately, due to her mother's strict control, she is not able to have a life outside of modelling. When she meets Matthew Price at a photo shoot, she is deeply attracted to him.

Matthew Prince is also a likable character. He is a new up and coming photographer and when he lands one of the biggest clients in the form of Razel, he knows he's made it. However, he didn't anticipate his attraction to her.

Gabriella D'Punz, Razel's mother/agent, is a real piece of work. I have no idea if she is a witch or an actual b*tch. I would have loved to know what, in her past, made her be so coldly competitive and manipulative. However, with this being a short story, her background wasn't explored. This is a character I love to hate.

I started reading and was quickly hooked. The story is told through the eyes of both Razel and Matthew. I loved the way the story unfolded. However, I found it a little rushed, especially near the end. Razel is supposed to be quite sheltered, but I found her to be a daring rebel and more worldly than I'd expected. I enjoyed the way Razel and Matthew's relationship developed. They burn up the pages! However, being this is a novella, their relationship had to develop quickly and I'm not a huge fan of insta-love. I would have loved for this story to be extended into a full novel to show a gradual romance and to give the characters more chance of character development, and also a reunion with Razel's real parents to give it a more satisfying ending (in my opinion). Other readers may disagree, so I will leave it up to you to decide for yourself.

Elizabeth Morgan has written an intriguing novella. I love her fast paced writing style. Unfortunately, because of the rushed end, I felt the flow was a little uneven. Having said that, I am a fan of her of her contemporary and paranormal romances and am looking forward to reading more of her books in the future.

Due to scenes of an explicit sexual nature, as well as some bad language, I do not recommend this book for readers under the age of 18. I do, however, highly recommend this book if you love erotica, contemporary romance or erotic re-tellings of fairytales . - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

Elizabeth Morgan is a multi-published author of urban fantasy, paranormal, erotic horror, f/f, and contemporary; all with a degree of romance, a dose of action and a hit of sarcasm, sizzle or blood, but you can be sure that no matter what the genre, Elizabeth always manages to give a unique and often humorous spin to her stories.

Like her tagline says; A pick 'n' mix genre author. "I'm not greedy. I just like variety."

And that she does, so look out for more information on her upcoming releases at her website:

Away from the computer, Elizabeth can be found in the garden trying hard not to kill her plants, dancing around her little cottage with the radio on while she cleans, watching movies or good television programmes - Dr Who? Atlantis? The Musketeers? Poldark? American Horror Story? Heck, yes! - Or curled up with her two cats reading a book.

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