Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy New Year.

Hi, it is me, Wanda.

I have not done a blog post in forever.  Usually I rant, and those do very well for hits.  But honestly I have nothing to rant about apart from people still wishing one another a Happy New Year this late into January.  I mean, really.  Get Martha or some super housvrau to give us a rule that beyond this date you are no longer allowed to wish somebody a happy new anything until the end of the current year.

But that is not what this is about. 

This is however about 2017.  Like the Black Eyed Peas say... I have a feeling...and it is a good one. 
I have never in my life been more inspired to write, create - to simply do instead of simply being. 

I do not think this is a feeling that jumped on my at the stroke of 12 a few weeks back.  As a matter of fact I know it is not.  But that hardly matters. 
I want to fill my life with new experiences, good friends, great food and and and...
I am addicted to Coca-Cola.  Then I bought a bFit, the cheap type of Garmin or Fitbit that I can actually afford.  That led to a water drinking app that led to me almost totally kicking my Coca-Cola habit which is letting me drop some pounds and save money which...
See how that goes. 

And honestly, the day I bought the bFit I was having a serious internal dialogue of wasting money.  AGAIN.

Now it is but one of the things that is adding to my life and my passions. 

So Happy New Year.  I hope that if you are the resolution type - that you have stuck with it.  I hope that, if like me, you hate resolutions your own inner self is trying to break out and be the butterfly you are supposed to be. 

I dont actually even care if all of these things work out in the end.  I am in this for the journey.  And man, what a ride I have planned. 

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