Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Breakfast in Bed (Bed and Breakfast) by Sandra Brown - NOT RECOMMENDED

1 * Rating

Honestly when I almost immediately got a bad taste in my mouth when I started this book I was still wondering if I have a case of acid reflux or if my usual dislike of romance is the reason I simply could not make myself like either main protagonist.

But hey, lets recap. Within seconds she tingles in her secret place after opening the door to a man who is looking her right in the breast... I mean eye. No. I mean breast. And this is how true love starts? 
I hope not.

He is her best friends fiancé. He is the fiancé. Now he is marrying said friend out of an obligation to said friends deceased husband. Oh how noble. 
I mean, yes, that is totally plausible is it not? Marry a widow with children .... because you are ever so noble.

Now I am expected to use his OBLIGATORY status as a valid reason why he actively pursues said fiancé's best friend the second he is out of her sight. 

Then when the friend does not want to sleep with him he turns passive aggressive, aggressive and abusive in a few sentences and naturally then smooth's everything over by being charming, caring, and oh yes, noble.

You can dress up their motivations any which way you want. You can use the end to justify your excuses for TRUE LOVE but as her eyes found him as if she was beckoned to be so.... oh please. 

Ironically. This is well written. But if you cheat you cheat and no excuse is acceptable. It took me about 5 pages to fall completely out of love with both of our main protagonists and another ten pages to actively dislike them and thinking...now ain't you made for one another? Good thing romances end on a happy ending because with a man like this, a woman like Sloan I can see the future with black and blue eyes and a lot of cheating.

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