Friday, January 19, 2018

Crash by Keith Houghton
The back of the book thingie we all glance at before placing the book in our basket:
What if you couldn’t remember the worst thing you’d ever done?
When Jed Allen wakes up at a desk in New York City, he has no idea who he is. The evidence around him shows he’s a hotshot architect, and a photo in his wallet reveals he has a beautiful girlfriend named Cassie. But when he goes home to seek her help, Cassie is nowhere to be found.
Self-penned notes remind Jed that he’s been suffering bouts of amnesia since a car crash nine months ago. As he plays private detective with the facts of his own life, he discovers more and more about his character. But when he finds a bloodied dress in the trunk of his car, amid news reports of a serial killer abducting women from Central Park, Jed has to confront the possibility that his lost memories could contain the darkest secrets imaginable…
Nobody around him has the answers to his questions. Who is the killer? And where has Cassie gone?
Why I think you should read it.
The characters are AMAZING.  Really.  You end up not liking or disliking anybody but flip flopping from the one to the other. 
The plot has an early hook and it keeps you hooked.  Neither totally predictable nor so far fetched that it is totally unbelievable and with those amazing characters...
The scenes are well described and a lot of the time the isolation our "Hero" is experiencing is perfectly reflected in the where and when of the book.
In all I believe that most people will find this book as enjoyable as I do.  So take this four star review to the bank and get your own copy.  Perfect time... the weekend is winking...

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