Wednesday, February 12, 2014

11-22-63 Audible review of SK's epic book.

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11-22-63 By Stephen King

What a massive undertaking this book must have been from a research point of view.

The story is intricate and complicated without being in any way convoluted.  The characters is amazing and each of the main protagonists grows while short "cameo" appearances of cab drivers etc becomes people, with their own unique voices. 

The time traveling in the book is the main plot… that and saving Kennedy from being assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.  The theme of the book is balance and that is so subtle and so masterfully done that I sat amazed at King's technical mastering of such a complex novel.  The main character, George/Jake is an endearing character and flawed due to being human.  His love interest Sadie is tall and accident prone and by the end of this 30hour 31 minutes and 51 second audible recording you feel as if you bid farewell to people you have known most of your life.  A part of me also wished for simpler times.  Although it is clear throughout the book that the THEN time was not as peachy as people seem to recall it.  Then again the NOW time has it’s own problems and does not seem so peachy either. 

The world building in this book is absolutely astounding, working off of the extremely strong characters which in turn …oh read it people.  Read it. 
Life however is dancing.  And love is life. 

The brilliance of King as a story teller cannot be conveyed by a mere mortal like me.  What I can say is.  Get a copy.  You will not be sorry
The narrator Craig Wasson --

This man is amazing.  He made Jake /George come alive and he added so much to the story that I am unsure if I would have loved it as much had I read instead of listened to it on audio.  I am sure I would still have been enchanted with the technical proficiency though. 
The narrator has an amazing laugh, and George/Jake laughs often
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  1. Thanks for the review! I like Stephen King although I avoid his horror novels. This seems like a great story.

  2. Great review. Not sure if I could give it a read though as it is really out of my norm lol. I only like Stephen King for his horror I know how sad right.


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