Thursday, February 13, 2014

Washing day, washing away book blues club.

Hi.  This is something I am trying to see if if we cannot air our views on the books we LOVE to HATE.

So I am calling it Washing day blues for short and want to know which book YOU 

yes You, LOVE to HATE.  All I need is the book name, author name and a short very short summary of why THIS particular book is not for you!

Yes we will be airing our dirty laundry for all to see..... lol.  Ill go first shall I?  

My first book, one I read last year and am still fuming over is ....

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Here is my review.

Karin Slaughter Thorn in my Side

Eek, ok, so I am a Karin Slaughter fan, that said this is not my favorite book by the author.

It may not be my favorite but it is one I will remember.
A short story with 1 and a half protagonists or two protagonists or two halves depending on your pov it was a story of extremes. Black vs White, Good vs Evil. Brother against brother and brothers standing together. 

The book is a fast read and the ending is as shocking as is the main points of scene development. The world building is one that is build via the protagonists and it gives the story a more intimate and a more shock worthy approach. 

I loved the psychology that was explored behind conjoined twins. 

Unique read that is for sure. 



Now do not get me wrong, I love this author...but  EEK this is in such bad taste.  I could not stand it.  

Ok your turn.  Tell us which book you Love to Hate.

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