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Hunger For Atlantis by Pandora

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Publication Date: May 1, 2014
Danicka, the owner of a kindergarten, bans toys and inspires preschool children to work. Is she a dictator or a liberator? Stanzie controls a billion-dollar empire. Does an Ivy League style education assist her or destroy her? Oliver, a feral lost child, is reunited with his civilized mother. Why will he never love her? 

The younger generation is clashing against the older . . . colleges and schools are self-destructing . . . teachers and professors are fighting for survival . . . wireless electricity threatens to change the world in the new Age of Atoms . . 

A review of HUNGER FOR ATLANTIS by Pandora

Let me explain how my review will work.  I need to do it this way since this book left me feeling very conflicted. So I will write you the pros and con's of each facet unless a specific facet is only a positive or only a negative.

So the first thing that needs mentioning here is the authors' inability to contract formal address.  By the time the reader gets introduced to Professor Alexander Van DerMeer you hear the full form of address for the first 30% of this 716 page book.  That includes when the professor thinks of himself.  This is not only true for the Prof; it is true for all her characters.  Although the author slacked off with this extended form of address after a certain percentage into the book she kept it up for some time with every new character she introduced.  As you imagine, this can get a bit tiresome. 

On the pro side of this, the reader meets a host of characters and at no stage do you get confused about who the author is talking about. 

My second con for this book.  The author introduces a philosophy on child rearing.  State controlled vs. a hand off method with the pros and con's of each although it is clear that the hands off method are the preferred choice of the author.  That is fine, what got on my nerves a bit is the fact that the authors repeats the basic principles of her philosophy over and over and over again.  At times I though the author is unsure if she is able to bring her point home so she repeats it to make sure she does.  Later on I felt as if she figured her readers might not be the sharpest knives in the drawers so she needed to repeat it yet again. 
On the pro side of this, the philosophy really does make sense and I agree with most of what the author feels and portrays in the book. 

Unfortunately using two extremes to explain a philosophy has a marginalization effect on most people, People will defend their past, their choices now by saying my state controlled school was not THAT bad etc.  That however is purely a personal remark as is my next.  I found it disconcerting that the reason behind a fatal drug overdose totally ignored personal responsibility.  Even taken with the two schooling methods and I get why the author did this but again, personally it rubbed me the wrong way.  In my experience most grownups get to know what is what and self destructive behavior is a choice!!! 

On the pro side.  The author's passion for the subject is amazing.  If you are looking for a read like none other you have read thus far, then this book is for you.  It is basically a book on philosophy written into fiction to make it more enjoyable and to make the real life experience of the results more accessible.  Some parts are laugh out loud funny, especially some of the dialogue which again did not always flow as normal as it could but it was still hilarious. 

So, if you have the time and are open to new ideas then I will recommend this book for you. 


Count the pups to see my star rating although It is closer to a 2 1/2 * rating level.

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