Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The WaAr featured authors for September 2014

Our first author...

By Julie Cassar

Wow, I love this series. Have since paragraph one of book one. The story of a girl who loves ice cream. Talks to fairies etc, has captured my imagination from book one. In this, the latest book I can however comment on how much the author has grown. It is incredible to see how a talented author works on their craft. Growing better with each book. This book has the most amazing flow. It starts of, almost never lets up on character growth or adventure and if you figured that now that the love interest is fulfilled the book will be without tension think again.

I loved this book and by now I love the authors brother. At the start of every book she thanks him basically for kicking her behind in action. With every dedication I feels as if I get to know him better. That has absolutely nothing to do with the story. Or does it? Cause in the story you find a brother and sister combo (actually two), and I am sure much of their interaction is based on the authors love of her brother and their mutual respect and admiration that shines through.
This book has fairies, a love story, dragons, romance, a family life and so so much more. I simply love the fact that these books have little to no teenage angst. Kind of hard to feel sorry for yourself when dragons want you dead. It has prophecies, wingless fairies…argh. Read it. You will thank me.

This is not your normal YA book and certainly lends it self a lot toward the fantasy genre with a touch of the YA paranormal to boot.
The book is not a fast read due to the epic quality and the scope of the novel. It is however well worth the read.
Hey, it is free. Try this one for yourself and see.

By Amber Argyle

An epic saga in scope this book is a brilliant debut novel.

I read a lot of children books. Even a lot of picture books for children and 99% of the time I walk away thinking...are kids getting dumber or are adults simply ill equipped to write s stimulating stuff for children.In this book I have my questions answered.

Here you have an interactive book - although on my first generation kindle the interaction part even when I put on my glasses did not work so well - that covers more than the simple basic island trip.
Papa Smith, our tour guide is a fun character
This is according to me a fun colorful children's book ideal for general knowledge building and sure not to put junior or dad to sleep.
An added bonus is that all proceeds goes towards cancer research!
Get your copy today!

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