Monday, March 16, 2015

St Patricks Day, green ale, and a book box set.

So today is the day before St Patty's day.  

Yes, you know.  Irish.  Beer.  GREEN.

And for some reason the above sentiment is true the world over.  On the 17Th of March we are indeed all Irish.  Since I am a half breed between German and Irish I feel a special kin' ship to the Irish isle..

So on my review group we decided to do something special..... and I asked Lynn to word it for me so that everybody on all sides of the Isle can understand it is.  Take it away Lynn..

Wanda has given me the task of letting you know that we are planning on holding a competition here, within the group, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day on the 17th March. This is open to all members of the group, and will require some thinking caps to be worn over the coming days.
We are planning on holding a limerick competition, which will be judged by the members of this group. The limericks are not to be too risqué due to the fact that the winning limerick is to be included in our group anthology, which is currently being written under the banner of "The Art of WaAr". What we are looking for is a limerick that not only is unique, but can fit in the "art" theme of the anthology (if at all possible, but not essential), be it about music, movies, sculpture or paint (or derivatives thereof), so get those creative juices flowing! But it is also meant to be fun, and at least rhyme! However, this may seem harder with this restriction, so this is why we are giving you until the 16th to come up with something. If you are still struggling to fit a type of art in, just write a normal limerick. Who knows? It may just win!

Once the 17th arrives, all limericks will be posted under one post, where the group (those who are actively participating) will give their votes by liking the one/s they like best. The limerick with the most likes at the end of the day wins.
If you are interested in joining in, please comment below.
Here's a limerick I've just made up (I could have gone the rude route, but I wanted you to see what I meant. This is just an example and will not be used in the competition):
There once was a young man called Bart
Who ran away from school because he didn't like art.
His mother did scold
But he grew bold
And broke his poor mother's heart.

So by now I am sure you are asking yourself what is "The Art of WaAr"?

Simply put in the words of Robert Warr

The Art of WaAr
We are members of a dynamic group that includes many imaginative and very talented writers.
But are we generous?

In a major new group initiative we have decided to produce a box set (February 2016) called 'The Art of WaAr' the proceeds of which will go towards charity.
We are looking for between seven and ten authors to contribute a book for this project and already have definite promises from Nathan Squires, Uvi Poznanski and Robert Warr.
There are no restrictions on genre although all books should have art a theme. Any type of art from painting to dance, sculpture to mime. Any connection from the artist as protagonist to victim. You choose.
The deal is this:
All contributors retain full rights to their work and have no limitations on their marketing. We would like contributors to agree to a voluntary exclusivity with us to help sales of the box set.
The organisers will arrange to have all contributions edited and will meet all the publishing costs of the box set without requiring any financial input from our contributors.
The contributing authors will benefit from the box set marketing which will be big.
IF 2015 is too tight for you 2016's box set will be called 'The Dogs of WaAr'.
Are you in?
Tell me what you think

So here is the question we are posing to you guys...
Do you have a book with art as a plot or sub plot?
Do you feel lucky?

Then if so, leave us a comment here, yes you can even leave your limerick/s here and be entered.  

In the end though it is all about fun.  


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