Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why I am in crises

My current existential fear.

Well now.  This may not sound like much to some of you, but some of us, ok me, really find this troubling.
I am a reader.  Adding Avid in front of that sounds ..... Stupid. I average more than 200 books a year.  I have a full time job.  I have a house and a household.  I have two businesses I run on the side.  I adore music but basically get little time to indulge in real listening since I usually read while listening to music to start with.  So I listen to music mostly only while driving.  I love that.

Unfortunately I also like watching television.  Some shows, some series, keeps me occupied for days since I wait until I can watch an entire season before I watch it, this waiting from week to week, cussing any callers cause it may make me lose out on some part of my current episode.  Unexpected guests calling usually during the ultimate season finale of my latest obsession.  All of these drive me nuts.  So I record it.  Then when I have a season or more to watch I sit down and I start on a marathon of television watching. 

It is fun.

Now here is my crisis.  These days it seems as if they (you know them) the powers that be in the great infinite Hollywood universe) well then, they go and make a decision. And they cancel my show.  Sometimes into a part of it. Mostly they manufacture an ending to close it down. And in this lies my crises.  I feel as if I am short changed. My love of certain shows gets to be nullified by the fact that only 4.2 million Americans are watching the show or heaven forbid. Only 2.4 million.  Somehow this number is only ever valid for Americans. The international following is never ever part of the greater decision making.

So now, unless a series is not into its 5th season I feel as if I am not allowed to really like a show anymore because the more I do, the less chance it apparently has of being a success.  Money makes the world go round. But if it is not passion driven or love then I wonder why on earth should I care? And if I do care, I am left feeling like Sheldon Cooper.  Why oh why do they make a SyFy channel for us nerds – catering for ahm nerds. Only to make sure that if not enough nerds watch the show then they stop it without any further notice, leaving us to ponder the many many ways in which our newest obsession could have ended if it was allowed to run it’s course.  Now consider this.  Lost, you remember that old show.  A plain, a crash, others, a few drop dead gorgeous men... that ran too long.  The last season made about as much sense as driving into a pillar of sugar in the middle of a river. If you want to end something, then at least read and watch the first few seasons to make sure you keep true to the story line... well I would have but apparently once stuff does not mean anything anymore then ending it rationally is also no longer an option.  It drives me nuts. 
Revolution, ended after S2.  I am crazy over this show, so is most of my friends, but that does not matter, now does it?

How does this apply to books.  Well it really has less to do with it than the blog in general should have you believe. Consider however 50 Shades Of Grey, if you liked the book then you like the movie.  If you did not like the book you would not watch the movie and still they make it... could they not have used that money to finish some of my favourite series. 

No consider if you will. Game of Thrones based on the books....the books is only up to book 5 while apparently their maybe up to 8 books in the series.  So what are we to expect. A season six in the tv series with no corresponding book? Heaven help us.  

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