Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Let me tell you a little something - I only have a minute

Gimme a mininute
So if you are wondering why I had no author on WaAr for April here is the truth
I had people ask
I had people demand
I had not a single person that had the good manners to say HI, How are you..
I do not need a paragraph people, but if you want something from me, if you want me to put in effort and money in PROMOTING YOUR stuff, then feel free to say hello.
Manners, it is free, and it is something I fail at often but I try, oh I try to make it right once I realize I have acted like a brat.
My second rant
Authors, I do not care if Kirkus, The Pope, The President of South Africa Jacob Zuma, Robert Mugabe or Oprah read and left you a review, I want to know what your book is about NOT what others think after they read it, especially if you are so confused that you are not sure in which one of the 20 genre's you have listed your book falls in....then give me a blurb.  Cause guess what, without one I accept you cannot write and I move on.....

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