Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Place To Call Home: Toby's Tale (The Rescue Dog Tales Book 1) Kindle Edition by G. A. Whitmore


I am giving this book a 3* review for a few reasons but none of them includes a bad read. The contrary really.
First of all proceeds from this book goes to no kill shelters and shelters that finds forever homes for fur babies. That alone should warrant the purchase.

The story is not an easy read. I hate abuse. And I loved to hate the first 3/4 of this book. So much in this book need not have happened. Ever. But it does.

I don't care much for most of the human character development in this book. And for that the book drops a * rating. The farmer, the father later, his spouse all seem very silly and one dimensional but the last woman, her son are quite cool and likable and does show development and at first I found this weird. Could it be that the author only learned about character development later in the book? Well I guess it is possible but I no longer think so.

I think this author simply cannot write a bad guy. A monster that would abuse puppies so she failed to round them off, to explore them more because she cannot even imagine the way these people would rationalize their actions. And so the book gains another *.

I could, had to put the book down often. It drove me nuts so one more star lost.

In the end, the story ends well and realistically but be prepared to deal with the first 3/4 of the book which ain't no light reading. But do buy a copy. The book is not expensive and the proceeds are for a good cause.

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