Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I have so many passions these days...

#Crochet #Gift

So, wondered why I drop by so very, very infrequently these days? Have I given up on reading? No way! But I find more and more passions in life to keep me busy ...

Here is one.  A gift to Angie Edwards for her birthday this past Saturday.
Angie, for those who do not know her is also an avid reader and what apart from coffee, a bed and a book makes our little hearts sing? Why a blanky naturally.

Yes it is Angie holding up her present.

Need advice on crochet? Google really is your friend.  I used to be able to crochet when I was young and pretty but I lost that ability with the looks and the youth and had to start from scratch.  Pretty aint it?

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  1. That is one cute blanket . Fun diverse hobbies. no wonder you are so well rounded.