Thursday, September 21, 2017


IT and the 4DX experience at Nu Metro, Menlyn Park.

After I went to watch the movie I started to do some light research.  This is what Wiki has to say over what exactly 4DX means.

To watch the trailer …. click on the pic and it will take you right to it.

My opinion.

This is a must do experience.  A bit pricey but not out of the ball park.  The movie IT was for me, my friends and quite a few others in the theatre the BEST comedy of the year thus far, even with the 4DX experience it was far more funny than scary.  That would mean that I would rate the movie low but for me it was such a fun time that it gets 5 stars.

The effects got to be a bit much after the first hour and a half.  The chair, mist etc. was fine but the deep heat smell of it every few minutes gave me hay fever and I could do with less of it. 
For some reason our cinema did not have air con on and after the first hour we all started to pray for the breeze to blow through our hair.  By the second hour it got really hot.

As for getting your money’s worth with the effects.  The movie. The service and the popcorn package with goodies advertising the 4DX experience here is my rating

Movie –IT
4DX – Experience
4***** but that should be a 4.4 rating because were it not for the hay fever I might not have gotten so annoyed with the spray.
The service at Nu Metro
Getting your money’s worth

Having fun, making memories is truly priceless.  I do not think this is something everybody will fall in love with but I do think everybody should try and experience it at least once so they can make up their own minds over its immersive experience in relation to their own preferences. 

As for the movie.  Going in I was forewarned that IT himself is the show stopper of this movie.  And I tried to focus on the actors brilliant ability to make this monster, our monster.  

For a while it worked.  Then I got so into the movie that I no longer even considered IT to be anything other that IT.  No normal man for me under that makeup.  Makeup? What makeup?  

But the show was stolen by ...
Sophia Lillis for her perfect portrayal of a girl on the cusp of womanhood still kid, part woman, totally unsure as to where she fits in.  

The second show stopper was...
Finn Wolfhard.  He is a comedic genius and had us in stitches.

So IT ends with the words.... Chapter one and here is a link to a magazine article talking about Chapter two ... click on the blu purple two to read more of the article in Cosmopolitan.

At the movies!

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