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Book Review of Equinox (The Solstice Chronicles) by Bryan W.Dull


Confined in an old plantation home with Vampires lying in wait Gavin and Solstice are forced to wait them out until sunrise that is perilously approaching. Unbeknownst to them the remnants of the house are even more terrifying than what is lying in wait outside. Solstice is coming into her own and her feelings for Gavin begin to come to light. Gavin is stuck in the memories of his deceased family, but the apparition he sees that resembles his dead daughter doesn’t help. Lying in wait to escape at the first chance possible, will they make it through the vampires and the supernatural creatures that have inhabited the home for a very long time? “Equinox” ups the ante in the Solstice trilogy, and no one involved will come out the same.


Equinox (The Solstice Chronicles #2)Equinox by Bryan W. Dull
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book in return for an honest review.

This is the second book in the series. I really enjoyed it.

Gavin Moxley is a fascinating character. He is a vampire hunter bent on killing vampires who have been infected with the AIDS virus. However, becoming the unwilling protector to a half vampire/human child is the least of his problems, even though said child is growing at an alarming rate. It's the vampires chasing them that has him worried. I liked him a lot, but he can be a bit of a jerk sometimes!

Solstice is an extraordinary young lady. Not only is she a half vampire, she is able to walk in the sunlight. All other vampires are after her blood. Growing up so fast brings it's own issues, and Solstice finds herself facing strange new emotions. I enjoyed watching this character grow, and found her to be extremely likable when I wasn't wanting to hit her with something! She acted like a slutty brat at times. I know it's not her fault (hormones and all that), but still!

This story continues from the end of the first book. It is now told from several points of view, rather than just from Gavin's. This makes it interesting, but it can be slightly confusing too. I don't know if it was just the copy I received or not, but there didn't seem to be a clear division between each character's thoughts and actions. I really loved the first story, but felt that the intensity was lost when the author chose to change to a third person narrative. That being said, I became engrossed in the story and was quickly drawn back into the lives of these characters. The father/daughter aspect of Gavin and Solstice's relationship gets tested in the most unusual way! The story takes a paranormal twist with a house filled with ghosts. The author's love of horror and the paranormal comes shining through, and the creepy factor is way up on the scale! Mixing two paranormal genres is a gamble, and I think that the gamble paid off. I was reminded of the 1999 movie "The Haunting" with Liam Neeson. I loved that movie, and this book gave the same sort of vibe, but with vampires thrown in.
There are several twists and turns that kept me hooked and the ending made me gasp! I am now looking forward to reading the next (and last) book in the trilogy.

Bryan Dull has a vivid imagination and his writing style reflects this. The story is fast paced, but because of the changing scenes showing the various points of view, it felt a bit clunky at times. However, that may just be my interpretation, and I will leave it up to you to make up your own mind.

Due to the violence and some rather disturbing scenes of a sexual nature, I do not recommend this book for readers under the age of 18. However, I highly recommend this book if you love a fantastic thriller/horror story with bite (pun intended!). - Lynn Worton

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