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Let me tell you a story.  A story of how I got into the busy world of reviews, promotion, publishing and writing.

It starts like all these stories does with a love of reading.  Not a love, a passion a consuming drive to loose myself in a world not my own.  And why, I hear you ask am I telling this to you now? Well now see, I am seriously luck luster.  And I could not figure out what was up.  Then it hit me… I last read over the weekend.  My life is simply too busy.  Too busy to do the one thing that calms me.  The one thing I love to do.  So after much deliberation with me and inner me I got to go

The other thing that has been on my mind a lot lately is causality.  So I figured I need to share with you How I met your Mother…oops no. 

Wrong story.  I meant how I first got into this business.

See Once Upon A time..

A long long time ago.  I joined a James Patterson page.  It was great fun and I soon discovered that talking about books was a low priority on a page aimed for book lovers of an author. 

I also learned that if a site is not stable it will lose a ton of it's people pretty fast.  So I opened a FB account.  Cool hey? Not really.  I had no friends.  Nothing happened on my wall.  I was lonely.  Then bit by bit I made friends….do not knock FB games.  I got my start in them.  So soon I met a woman who reviewed books, I know on Patterson a 16 year old boy did the same and I was soooo impressed with him.  As was I with this woman.  On Patterson I got into a blurb writing giveaway for Karin Slaughter… I won. 

A T-Shirt which is now as worn as can be but I still wear it with pride.  Sooooooo I talked to this lady.  Nice girl.  Then horror upon horror I found out she got her books FREE….What evil magic is this? I wanted in.  NOW.  I did not get in then.  It took me some time.  Then this weird little English chap responded to my pleading request for a free book for review….that guy, none other than my awesome friend Jason Ellis.

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The book - none other than

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This was my review

Amelia Maylock: book one. The 12th year awakening. By Jay Ellis.

Genre: Young Adults, paranormal.

Basic story line:
This book is the first of a series of books by Jay Ellis. Amelia, a twelfth year old girl learns that she is special. Real special. Amelia is a witch. Not any old witch either. She is a very powerful witch. A witch who will need all her powers to face the future destined for her. 

Amelia learns that she, as a witch is the counter to her evil twin, Erryas. As witches, the two of them together with others can move between dimensions. This is cool right? Not always! Amelia gets drawn into dimensions she is unfamiliar with and in which great mortal danger resides. She survives these exploits at first due to her friends and later due to the fact that this girl is built out of guts and determination. She is only twelfth though and unlike her sister she is new to her powers. It becomes a race against time to get Amelia first to accept her true calling then to get her to accept her powers and train for a battle against the ultimate evil. Erryas. 

Amelia learns that she and her evil twin, Erryas were born during a massive evil thunder storm. She was taken to the earth dimension where she grew up loved, wanted and protected. What happened to Erryas is a mystery. It becomes clear that only person knows what happened during that storm. Only one person can answer Amelia’s questions. But that person is dead. 

Amelia needs to learn how not only to protect and defend herself, but also to protect those dimensions opposed to evil. But will she live to be able to do that, and is she powerful enough to go up against the greatest evil in all dimensions - her twin?

Amelia's friends include an old Hag; Ellis' description of this old woman had me laughing out loud. You cannot help but love her. Anin is Amelia's primary trainer. And not a women to be messed with. I loved the fact that she is a strong character who cares so deeply for Amelia and that she is not scared to make her feelings known. Apart from the evil and unknown forces Amelia also has a voice that keeps popping up, instructing her. Guiding her. The question is; can she trust the voice?

I give this book a 4 / 5 star review. At first I was skeptical as to the pace the story takes on from basically the beginning of the book. Soon however I discovered that the pace is indicative of the danger lurking and the fact that in the fight between good and evil, time is not on the side of good. This is brilliantly displayed by the pacing of the story, fast to start with and almost speeding along at the end. The reader cannot help but be swept along with it. The sense of urgency of the coming dangers had the reader riveted and the role of time is unmistakably written into each and every page as the story builds from one momentum to the next. I personally find this technique of Jay Ellis a brilliant one, the tempo’s increase has the reader thinking that this is a fast sweet read in the beginning but soon the frantic feelings of the Old Hag and Anin becomes the readers own. As the intervals between incidents grow smaller all the time the reader is left with the same urgency of that of the Old Hag and of Anin. Amelia must be ready. Or all hope is lost. 

The story line is fresh and not boggled down with any overly long dialogues. The fast pace of the story lets little time for character development of characters although Ellis' seems to fit in enough information to make the reader not only like the characters but also to have us rooting for the good guys and leaving us in anticipation of the next book in the series. 

Although this book is primarily aimed at the younger spectrum of the YA market it is soon apparent that the book is a great read for any age kid. At 38 I myself enjoyed it immensely and did not find that patronizing tone from the author that I have come across previously when reading YA books. I am about to start the second book in the series and cannot wait to read the next adventures of the young heroin. So for now, I say goodbye and hope you will read the book. It is really worth it. 
Jason Ellis 

Note the date: 12 Feb 2011

Yes my very first. 

Go learn more about Jason here


So this guy.  This tea drinking, cap wearing English chap was the first ever author to enter my life directly…an Indie author who changed my life…what did this lead to… read more later to see more causality.

For now, I want to thank Jason for the fact that he changed my life!

I also know for a fact that Jason has been there for tons of you, with an encouraging word, a like a nod, a dedication.  Which ever form this man's support has taken.... he has been there for all of us, touched all of us.  Made us better.  So join me in thanking him for being a friend.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story and giving us a glimpse into your world! It's nice to hear how you got started with reviews.

    1. Thank you Laura. This will be a serial. Of how stuff happened to get me where I am today, who inspired me, who I learned what from etc. So stay tuned.

  2. Loved reading your story! :)

    And Jason is AWESOME!! :D


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