Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Summers Love by Stu Summers.

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So I have a ton of stuff that makes me want to run to the hills once I see certain words in a blurb. One of them is funny, humor, hilarious etc. So when I was asked to review a romance…one more of those words where I wanna run. I figured ok. So ignore the romance and any attempts of humor for my own sanity. That makes it way better. For me that is. 
Then I started the book. And the romance kicked in really fast in the story. The romance was not bad and got me engrossed in the lives of the two main protagonists lives. Ok so I get saying that the romance got me engrossed after trying to ignore the romance might be weird… thing is….the romance was really good. It had all the expected tension and we have two very likeable main protagonists. 

But on the way to get to the romance I hit the humor. And it had me in stitches. Certain parts literally had me laughing out loud. And had me tell friends, listen to this….lol. That my friends is why the words humor etc in a blurb makes me want to run to the hills. Few authors can actually ever pull it off. This book however is not misrepresented in its blurb. 

The humor is brilliant, the world building is well done. The reference to Christian literature is never derogative and adds loads to the theme of the book which as it turns out is the true definition of love. Pure love not only romantic love. This book is a brilliant, really fast read and one that I will recommend to all that love humor, romance and Christian literature in general. 



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