Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Rules by Mark Troy and audible review

The Rules by Mark Troy narrated by Julie Hoverson.

Ok, so the more I read or listen to books with the double tap horror / surprise endings the less I personally like it.  This is a short read at a bit over an hour and although the narrator did a very good job with the main protagonists voice and even to a degree with the second main protagonists she does not have the range to pull off more voices and a lot of the story got lost due to my irritation with the narrators inability to make the surprise guest to the house sound anything else other than a person not good at imitating voices.  Then the surprise double horror tap ending showing nothing is as it appears…the first such a surprise would have done fine.  

The second one simply annoyed.  Well it annoyed me personally.  I would have preferred if these double tap endings were replaced by a truly surprising twist.


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