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Book Review of When Aliens Weep: An Alien Apocalyptic Saga (Species Intervention #6609 Book 7) by J.K. Accinni

Book Title: When Aliens Weep: An Alien Apocalyptic Saga (Species Intervention #6609 Book 7)
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
Pages: 181
Author: J.K. Accinni
Date Published: 1 November 2014


During the last tense moments before the demise of Earth, we learn what happened to the survivors that didn’t make it to Oolaha. Or did they?

As our heroic survivors learn to navigate Baby and Echo’s home planet they must cope with the heartwrenching loss of family and loved ones as they are immersed in the adoring affection of thousands of minions.

One Elder will be responsible for a host of tragic deaths due to the human folly of jealousy and revenge. Will this lead to the final death knell of the species called Homo sapiens? Or will the womb forgive once again?


When Aliens Weep: An Alien Apocalyptic SagaWhen Aliens Weep: An Alien Apocalyptic Saga by JK Accinni
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review 6******

This is the seventh and final book in The Species Intervention Series. I loved it!

First of all, I would like to say that I LOVE the cover. The butterfly is a beautiful insect, and in some cultures they mean change or hope for a new beginning. I think it is a wonderful choice for this book.

Wow, where do I start?! I'm still reeling! I usually do a character breakdown, but this book is told from several different points of view, so it would take me forever to do so in this instance. Therefore, I'm just going to dive right into my review.

When Aliens Weep is a book that I have been wanting to read ever since the author said she would be writing it; she wanted to answer her readers' questions about what happened to the characters after the intervention of Earth by the Womb.

I started to read and did not stop until I had finished it. This story follows those few survivors of the apocalyptic species intervention of Earth by the Womb, and their experiences on Oolaha, the home planet of the minons' Baby and Echo. I liked meeting some new characters too, as they brought a freshness to the tale. Netty, Wil, Abby, Jose, Chloe, Cobby, Kane, Ginger Mae, Peter, Daisy, Kenya, Johno, Hud, Dezi, Bonnie, Baby and Echo are joined by Minion IV (re-named Ivey by Bonnie) and Brother Forbation. These two have completely different characters. Ivey is very much like Baby and Echo in that she is a minion, but she is also a navigator; she visits new planets and charts them for the Womb. I really liked her. Brother Forbation is a minion elder, and is like the chief or boss of the minions. He is a character that I didn't take a shine to at first, because he is the quintessential government official. However, he is not really that bad; he's just concerned about his minions, and humans are not exactly on the top of his friends list; I don't blame him.

The story is not as dark and disturbing as the previous books in the series, but the way the author describes certain scenes made me have more than a few OMG moments. This book is full of twists, turns and shocking revelations that kept me completely hooked! I was swept into a wild and emotional rollercoaster ride. I found myself in tears more than once, so a tissue may be required. I am feeling rather sad to say goodbye to the characters in this series, as they have become friends and family. However, I do wish them well and hope that their children, and their children's children, look after their world better than we have with this one. Or the Womb will make another species intervention!

J.K. Accinni is a fantastic writer, who has become one of my favourite authors. She is not afraid to kill off her characters, or write about dark subjects. She is very passionate about the world we live on, and what we (as humans) are doing to it and ourselves, and her stories reflect that. I love her fast paced writing style and the flow of the story was wonderful. I am looking forward to reading more of her work in the future.

Due to some scenes of violence or mild horror, I do not recommend this book (or series) to younger readers or those of a sensitive nature. However, I HIGHLY recommend this book (and series) if you love science fiction or dystopian genres. - Lynn Worton

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