Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Forever Kansas companion novel to the best selling Ruby Blue Series by Julie Cassar

Forever Kansas

So this series was one of the first in this intended age group that I came across for review. I honestly expected little so after the first book I was amazed at my own level of enjoyment and in a way I convinced myself that my impression was based a bit more on the fact that the book surpassed my expectation rather than the true validity of the book.

So....not long after, I am ALWAYS behind on reviews the second book became available and by now, surely, I must be over the fact that book surprised me so much right? Right? I was and still I could not hit that button for an arc fast enough. HMMMM see where I am heading. By book three I knew. It was not me, it was the author, this world, these characters and these plots that kept me running back as fast as my reading glasses could bounce to the next and the next and the next book.

I must admit. I get bored VERY fast. A series in my opinion must not exceed three books ..... and yes I still feel like that with the exception of The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King, Odd Thomas by Dean R Koontz and the Frankenstein series by the same author of Odd. Oh and then the Ruby Blue series by Julie Cassar.

So a bit back the companion novel became available for review. I did not read the blurb, nor did I knew it was a companion to the series, I hit that one click button on Amazon and soon I owned this book. Ok, so I own something like 12k, I will get to this sooner than most but not immediately, right? Wrong. I finished the other 8 books I was reading spending a bit more time on the first book of a new YA series I have recently discovered and adore and then....then I turned the page on my Kindle looking for the perfect next read. And there was Forever Kansas. So I figured, oh you know what, open it. You can go choose 5 others and keep this one for the last in order to read of this grouping....right. That did not work. I kept reading, turning the page seeing Ruby through the eyes of Brennan and again I found myself totally in love with this world. In love with the characters, in love with reading. Through the years I have grown to decide on what makes a 5* read. At one stage it was the fact that I could not put the book down. Then it became that if I could not tear myself away and walked between rooms in my house reading..... I have a few criteria these days but this book reminded me of the most important of all. I love to read, and I love to read a good book and If I find myself loving to read a particular book like going home...then that is a five star read.

Needless to say, this is a 5* all the way,

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